Darkness & My Disappointment: Daily Writing Prompt


hands up

My response to today’s WordPress word prompt is based on what’s going on, what I heard about and read in the news today  miles away from me.


I feel disappointed again today, I feel like there is sadness all around me again today;

I turned on the news today, I heard it again today, one man down again today;

I’m a million miles away from where all this takes place but  this does not make it OK;

I still care, I still grieve, I still fume and I still rage;

 Mad with the system; mad with the ignorance; mad with the stereotypes  that surround  His  darkness;

I feel like the rap group NWA today ,”f*ck the police” was the message they once had to say;

Why  and how could they say that you ask?  We are ”the land of the free” we are here to ” serve and protect thee”;

 Hummm mate,  I really don’t think so, you don’t get it do you? You don’t care; 

You’ve shown me and the world you don’t care with your guns and violence against the darkness, his darkness;

Your statistics tell me and show me you don’t care even though I am all the way across the Atlantic over here;

In your land He is  treated like prey all because of his darkness, the beautiful darkness of his skin;

My son,  as he grows from a boy into a man would he be safe all the way over there?

Could  and should I allow him to go there, trust that he can roam freely and safely  there?

To you  his  darkness and He will  always be public enemy number 1;

Don’t deny it you’re too quick to raise your gun! Shoot now think and ask questions later;

He and his darkness  are nothing to fear; but this is something you’re clearly not trying to hear;

To me  all this sounds like no fun,  just think before you pick up that GUN!;





2 thoughts on “Darkness & My Disappointment: Daily Writing Prompt

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