OMG! …. I done it

If someone told me that at the age of 33, while juggling motherhood and a full time job that I’d also become a published author- I would have looked at them and laughed! Seriously, I would have. My love for reading and writing goes way  back to my school days, in fact I wanted to be an English teacher in school. I’m not far off, I am a qualified teacher  and that’s my day job but English is not my subject sadly. As an adult, my love for English, books and words continued as I have run a book club here in London for women only for  4 years come May, and I love it. 

But, it’s happened, I did it I answered a publisher’s call for new writers by following their submission process of a few chapters, and I got a contract. Literally, when I saw the email back from the publisher my first thought before I even opened it was ” hummm did not take them long to reject my work”. After all it was my first ever submission, when I saw the positive praise of my work, and then opened the contract  and document to write a brief for my book cover my head was gone! I lost it, grabbed my son threw him in the air and we celebrated with the ” chicken dance”, his favourite dance around the living room. Have you ever done the ” chicken dance” with a 2 year old? It really is quite fun!

So I guess you’d like to know exactly what it is I’m writing… a romance suspense story, 1 of 3 story ideas that I have plot out. What is it about? Ah can’t tell ya that much yet, just stay tuned to the blog and Twitter and all will be revealed. What I can say is, between my publisher and I we’re hoping for release date later this year  tentatively September 2016, so I better get writing and ensure I meet my submission deadline for that to happen!

I’m mid way  through writing my novel but as I’m writing,  I will be updating the blog, and also interacting on Twitter about life, writing and day to day things… maybe even make- up & and fashion, I can’t stop talking about either subjects… forgive me, no don’t that’s just me :), sorry I love these subjects.

Thanks for reading and give me a follow on the blog and Twitter !