KD SUSPENSE 2019         Long overdue, a story extended by a few scenes by reader’s request from 2018. Be warned this one has a lot of gore… you voted for it!

Author One Scene One


The voice is a blend of husky and shrill, like nails on a chalkboard. Alice cringes at the sound of it.

“Alice.” It repeats. “You better answer me, dammit!”

“Yes, Daddy.”

The rickety steel framed bed creaks as Alice rolls onto her side. She’s cradled by the dip in the overused and extremely stained mattress, that she’s been sleeping on for nearly twenty years. It’s the same bed she slept in as a toddler. A waft of her uncleansed flesh floats into the air with her movements. The sour pinch of the smell wins its competition with the week old garbage pile to her side. Alice mozies to the window of her bedroom to let a breeze in, as she listens to her crippled father’s voice. She knows full well what’s coming.

“My babies are starvin’, get yer fat ass out there and feed em’.”

“M’kay, Daddy.”

“We’re runnin’ low on chow,” he shouts through the thin wall separating them. “It’s time ya’ go ta’ town and pick up some feed.”

“‘M’kay, Daddy.” Alice answers his barking orders, completely numb to what the request entails.

“Well, get to it! An’ make it snappy. I wanna’ watch ya’ prep the meat before dark.”

“Yes Sir.”

Alice’s nose pleads for the fresh earthy scent of the white oak forest, that she can see in the distance. That luxury is denied, and only the rotten smell of her father’s pig farm bites into her room. They grunt and pop their jaws, searching their large shit filled pens for dinner. Directly below Alice’s window, everything about the hogs gives her nightmares. Especially what they’re fed. She complies with her father’s wishes either way.

At a very young age, Alice was taught exactly how much a pig can consume. Teeth, bone, everything. They don’t even shit out the evidence, their bodies absorb every last bit. After a while the horrid screams of her father’s victims became nothing but routine, a familiar sound fighting its way through the emotionless fog of her brain. The farm is secluded, miles from Chicago where the homeless pickens have always been abundant. She learned to tune out the screams very well…until his accident.

Alice was there when her daddy crashed, and so was the middle aged man knocked out in the back seat of the pickup. The man happened to be twice her size, so she had to take extreme measures to get the job done. It was the very day her father passed down his legacy, and the first day of his new life, bound to the restraints of a wheelchair.

The sounds of that day are what playback consistently in Alice’s head. Her daddy was trapped in the truck, smashed at the waist, and the stranger had been tossed out through the front window. Alice withstood the roll completely unscathed, leaving her to clean up the mess her daddy had started. The squeals of the tires and the crunch of metal and glass, were nothing compared to what came after they rolled.

“Do it, Alice.” His voice was younger then. Still husky, but with less of a scratch.

“You have to kill him, Alice! Do it! Do it before he wakes up!” Alice was only thirteen at the time. Her hands shook as she squeezed her body out of the broken glass of the truck’s windshield. In a panic she searched through the chaos of scattered shards, as they glistened in the summer sun. Thousands of tiny shining chunks covered everything from the back of the truck that had been tossed out, all over the pavement. Alice ran to a shovel, only to be shut down by the voice.

“You’re too small for that! Use your fuckin’ head!” Alice dropped the shovel, her body froze. She didn’t want to do it, but knew it was up to her. They lived in a very remote place, but they couldn’t risk being seen nonetheless. She also knew that if the stranger woke up, he’d likely get away. Although Alice was very large for her age, and strong, she was still much smaller than the man. A sharp jagged chain shimmered in the sun, calling to her. Alice shook her head, afraid of her own thoughts.

“Do it Alice!” Hesitation set in, she reached for it, her meaty fingers gripped tight around the handle of her daddy’s chainsaw. The pit of her stomach screamed out in horror. I can’t do it, she thought, I’m not ready yet. He yelled even louder from inside the smashed truck bed, while she stood staring at the stranger. Mute.

“Just fuckin’ do it, Alice!”

“Daddy I…”

“Do it now, before he fuckin’ wakes up!”

Alice swallowed the lump in her throat and pulled the chainsaw’s rope. She was no stranger to the tool having used it on the farm often, yet it still took her shaking arm a few tries. The buzz of the saw cut in and out, struggling its way to life. Rununununun, Runununununun.

“Do it!”

Finally the chainsaw’s roar became steady. Alice made her way  over to the man, her weapon vibrated both arms as she gripped it with every bit of strength she could muster. With ease, the saw chewed through the man’s flesh like butter. Scarlet chunks painted Alice’s face with a splat. She closed her mouth to keep the taste out, and wiped the wet pieces of him from her eyes with the long sleeve of her once floral print dress. Without missing a beat she went back to work. As soon as his head rolled away from his body she held the loud running saw to his middle.

The pieces of him had to be small enough for her to carry by herself. Her daddy’s voice bounded over the destruction of her running metal weapon. Chewed up chunks of intestines spilled onto the pavement, like bloody heaps of broken rope.

“Do it!”

As Alice remembers the sounds of that day, she stares at her daddy’s pigs. It’s a new bunch of animals. Most of the hogs that had eaten her first kill are now dead. Sliced into the bacon that fills the old power sucking freezer, in their dank basement.There’s only one of those particular hogs left. Alice recognizes this very pig because she watched the oval black spot on top of its back, as it chewed through the skull of that man’s severed head. Each bite with a crunch. It was a tiny piglet then, now it’s grey and aged.


His voice cut through her again.

“Yeah, Daddy?”

“I said make it fuckin’ snappy!”

Author Two Scene Two

Alice sighs, and cut her eyes at her dad’s voice. He’s a mean old bastard, her daddy. Never one to show any compassion to anyone. All he cares about are his fat pigs. She remembers in her childhood, when he was not yet wheelchair bound, that he’d slept with them on the hay in the barn, right under her window. As if it were normal for folk to do that. When her mum was alive, Alice swore that’s what turned her crazy. An unloving husband more interested in intercourse… with pigs.

She shudders at the thought, and sight of it. She remembers well the day she walked in on him with his pants around his ankles, humping a pig in the ass, she felt disgusted. She ran out the barn screaming and confused, not sure what to make of it all. She reasoned with herself the best thing to do was to tell Mum. She laughed as she sat by the window with her grubby shawl wrapped over her shoulders, rocking in her chair, chain smoking cigarettes.

“Get used to it baby girl, that’s your father for you.”Was all her mum said. In a flat unmoved tone.

Gathering herself together and shaking off the early memories of her childhood, Alice walks over to the cracked mirror on the wall. She takes a deep look at herself. For a woman of twenty three years old she looks nothing like her peers. Compared to all the other women her age Alice is a state. She always wears her wavy dark brown hair in two French braids, her eyebrows are unattended to, they look more like caterpillars crawling across her face, rather than a set of threaded and plucked neat brows. Her skin is grey with lack of sunshine and vitamin D, she hardly leaves the house, it also has a slight dirty look to it. She’s far from fashionable, even if her father had the money for her to buy the latest trends, the mean tight fisted old bastard  probably would never allow it. She donned a plain grey sundress, no matter the weather come rain or sunshine. Her dirty off white ankle socks completes her look of an un-kept woman, clearly poverty stricken. On her feet as always are pair of worn brown sandals, Alice looks a woman trapped in a time warp.

“I’m on my way, Daddy.” She calls over her shoulder as she tears her eyes from her reflection.

“Good, like I said hurry the fuck up, they’re hungry an’ so am I.”

The sound of his voice as it  penetrates through the walls struck Alice differently this time, instead of fear she feels annoyance at his demanding, unappreciative ways. She’s waited on him hand and foot since he became wheelchair bound. How does he thank her? … He doesn’t, that’s the messed up thing about it. After she pulled him from the smashed up truck and saved his life, not to mention kept his ass out of prison by disposing of the stranger’s body, he has not once thanked her.


Alice makes her way down the dirt gravel road from her house then takes a left. She heads toward the town centre. It’s winter and the days have become chilly, she feels it as she pulls her worn cardigan tighter around her. The chill bites through her to the core of her bones. With her bare legs and low ankle socks she has no protection from the bitter air.

Alice looks around her as if seeing her neighborhood for the first time, through a new set of eyes. How has life just slipped away so quickly, the rhetorical question hangs between her and the open air. The years just rolled into one since her mum passed away. “Natural causes” the Dr. said, Alice found it hard to believe. Her mama was crazy yes, but apart from a slightly disturbed mind she was fit and well. It had crossed her mind at the time that maybe, just maybe, her dad had something to do with her death and “natural causes.” She pushes the thought away as she spots Bill up ahead.

“Hey Alice, what-chaya doin’?”


“Don’t look like nothin’ ta’ me.” Bill teases her as he runs over to her, and steps in line with her pace.

“I’m headin’ to town.”

“What for? An’ you walkin’ all that way?”

“Yeah, I’m walkin’”

“What for though, what ya need over there?”


“Oh them damn pigs. You mean ta tell me ya father’s still got ‘em?”

“Yeah Bill, I swear he loves them more than me.”

“That’s too bad.”

“Hmm.” Is all Alice can say. Numb to any emotion regarding her dad.

“What-do- ya say we take a lil’ walk in the woods on the way?”

“Not today Bill, I gotta get goin’.”

“Oh C’mon, Alice… you love our walks in the woods.”

Bill takes Alice’s hand and leads her off the dirt road toward the woods. He’s hard already at the thought of slamming Alice up against the trees. One thing he likes about Alice is she’s an easy goer. She never talks much, not the intelligent type. She spread her legs and that’s all she needs to do, that is good enough for him. She likes to get fucked and has no problem with servicing two, even three men in the woods at a time. Often, he wonders what caused her to be so mute and unemotional when it comes to sexual relations. She seems unfazed by it all. Alice stops in her tracks and pulls her hand from his.

“Bill not today, I really gotta go.”

“It won’t take long, let’s go.”

Alice gives in with a sigh, she notices the twinkle in Bill’s eye as he smiles and walks ahead. She follows behind him into the depths of the woods.


Bill wastes no time as he grabs Alice’s hair and bends her over. He pulls the hem of her dirty dress up, then pulls her panties to one side. Alice holds onto the tree for dear life as he slams into her. Her mind goes blank as he thrusts in and out of her from behind, grunting and moaning. He slows himself down to hold back his climax, and slips out of her. He spins her around and put her back against the tree, he looks down at her with a smirk on his face. Bill is far from handsome. He has dirty blond hair cut short, a wide forehead with a thick nose. She never focuses on his looks when they are intimate in the woods. In fact, she’s never focused on any of the men’s looks she allowed to have their way with her. For her, sex allows her to not think or feel.  At least someone, anyone paid attention to her during the one on one sessions, or many three or foursomes she had with the town’s men.

“Ya ganna treat me nicely today Alice, maybe suck me off a bit?”

“Hmm, maybe.”

“Maybe, that’s not what I wanna hear.” Bill retorts as he pulls down Alice’s zipper at the back of her dress and slides it over her shoulders. She’s braless, as always. Her full breasts fall out and greet him. Bill massages over her breasts roughly as he stares down at her. The air is now so cold he can see his own breath as he speaks, the sight of Alice’s nipples hardening against to cool air hardens him more. He gives into temptation and lowers his mouth to her right breast, he takes her nipple in his mouth and begins to enjoy her. Alice tips her head back and lets out a slight moan. Her back arches against the tree as she allows him to take her into his mouth deeper.

Bill’s hand travels south, it makes its way between her legs. He forces her thighs open, and slides his middle finger inside her. He feels her slickness as he finger fucks her into heaven. Alice’s eyes rolls back as she bites her  lip, Bill slides in a second finger and fucks her within an inch of her life up against the tree, as he nibbles and enjoys her breasts at the same time. Alice pants and breathes heavy but that’s all he’d ever get from her.

For Alice secretly, this time things feel different with Bill. She feels a sense of satisfaction from the way his fingers worked her insides. Usually, her body would react in its normal way and she would become moist at his touch, however her internal feelings are always still numb. It’s like her body has its own mind. Today she feels alive internally.

“Do I make you feel good Alice?”


“You like that?”


Bill laughs at Alice’s response, or lack of it. He ups his game a little, he removes his hands from between her thighs, then drops to his knees. With the hem of her dress pulled up she is on show for him, all of her. Without a second thought he leans into her and put his mouth between her thighs to taste her slickness.


Alice loses herself control, for the first time she becomes verbally expressive.

Bill, gets off on the reaction he causes from the usually mute Alice. He buries his head between her legs, and with his mouth set to work. He’d never given Alice head before, he usually saved that for girls that actually mean something. He’s had enough of Alice’s distant mute reactions, she’s now  a challenge sexually to get her to react to his touch. He pulls back to tease her and looks up at her. Alice smiles down at him, with a very satisfied look on her face.

Alice slides down the tree onto the wet grass. She spreads her legs for Bill. For a moment Bill stands in front of her, and stares at her mound inviting him in. Alice slides her hand between her legs and starts to masturbate herself in a vicious way. Bill drops to his knees. He gladly obliges and continues to service her with his mouth. As he dips in and out of her with his tongue, and licks slowly and softly the tip of her clitoris, Alice fondles her own breasts. He watches in excitement as she squeezes, pinches and plays with herself.

Bill feels like he is going to explode in his pants. He is more eager to explode on her ass.

“Get up, turn around.”


“Alice, you heard me get up and turn around c’mon I gotta go soon.”

Alice does as she is told and moves onto all fours. With her ass in the air he enters her from behind and pumped away until he exploded…. On her bare ass.


“Alice, Alice I’ve been waitin’ over one God damn hour for you. Where ya’ been?

“Nowhere Daddy.”

“Nowhere, don’t fuckin’ lie to me.”

Alice stands frozen at the entrance of the house. The musty smell of the house is drowned out by her fear. It  runs deeply through her, has she really been gone that long. Bill took her by surprise today, she never knew he could do what he did with his mouth, at twenty three years old she has no real girlfriends to learn from. Men never offered to do that before. She hears her dad wheeling his chair into the hallway. He stops opposite her.

“Where ya been?”

“Nowhere, Daddy–”

“Well that’s not the right fuckin’ answer is it? I sent you to town for the God damn chow an’ some food, ya come back here an’ tell me ya been nowhere? After ya been gone a fuckin’ hour?”

“I got it Daddy I got it, well I got the food but forgot the chow I’ll go back.”

Alice’s dad slowly wheels his chair closer to her, his face twists into a mean scowl. He  picks up a wooden stick that is within reach as he rolls forward. Pointing in Alice’s direction he begins to curse her.

“You… ya little bitch, ya forgot ma’ damn chow.”

“Daddy please no, don’t, not the stick, it hurts.”

“Hurts? Hurts? I’ll show you what fuckin’ hurts means.”

“Aww Daddy no, no please.”

“What… what is that? What the fuck is that smell? Alice ya smell even more disgustin’ than usual. Have ya been in the woods again. Fuckin’ boys again?”

“No Daddy.”

“No Daddy.”  He mocks in a whining voice.


Alice feels the full throttle of her dad’s anger as he beats her with the wooden stick that came loose from the stair banister. It has sat in the corner of the hallway for months.

“Daddy no, please.”

A flashback of all the times Alice had walked the two miles to town in rain, snow, and anything in between comes flooding back to her. Her anger builds over the way her dad treated her mother, causing her to lose her mind.

“You, yoooou!  You pervert fuckin’ pigs in the barn, you deserve to be in a wheelchair. After all I’ve done for you, this is how you thank me?”

“Alice you better watch… ya… mouth.” Tom responds as he beat her three times to punctuate his words.

“Fuck you! You freak.”

Before Alice can even live to regret her actions, her dad is overturned on the hard dirty wood floor of the hallway. She yanked the stick from his hand with such a force his chair overturned. Tom’s face moulds from anger to fear in the space of seconds as Alice takes control. He looks up at his only daughter as she stands above him. The rise and fall of her chest and deep breathing are enough to let him know his luck has run out, when it comes to bullying Alice. She points the wooden stick at him as she speaks down to him.

“Now, you’re gonna to be taught a little lesson, Daddy dear.”

“Alice, you don’t know what ya doin’. I’m your father.”

“Haha father!” Alice throws her head back mocking him with laughter. “You wouldn’t know how to be a father if it jumped up and spat in ya ugly face!”

“Alice, c’mon now.” Tom pleads as he attempts to crawl away from her with his hands.

“Where do you think, you’re going?” Alice pulls back her arms in the style of a baseball player and strikes her father across the back.


“ Awww! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt! Alice for God sake will you get me off the floor?”

“No, it’s time you learned a little lesson of your own, you shit for brains piss poor excuse of a husband and father. Wait here, oh sorry I forgot YOU’RE A FUCKIN’ INVALID YOU CAN’T MOVE!”

Alice lets out a roar of laughter as she swings the bat back and beats her father around the head, face, ribs and groin area. Blood splatters all over her and the walls of the narrow damp infested hallway. Just like it had all those years ago when he made her saw off that poor stranger’s head. She hears every crack of a bone, pop of of his skull and break of his jaw. She loves it. It feels rejuvenating, after all the years of his bullshit.

“Alice, please, don’t do this please I’m–”

“Shut up! Just Shut up”


“Awww fuck me Alice, Jesus, ya can’t do this” Tom strains to speak his slurred words through a cracked jaw.

“Poor mama, the poor woman lost her damn mind over you ya piece a-shit. Treated her like dirt, when really you were dirty, a pig fuckin’ dirtbag at that. Take that ya bastard.”


Just like that, Tom’s lights go out. He’s gone. Bloody, barely recognisable and in Alice’s eyes pathetic looking. For fun, she hitches up her skirt and pisses all over him.

“There, that’ll teach you, Daddy.”

Pulling the hem of her dress down she stomps into her Daddy’s barn.


It was tough but she did it, she managed to drag her father’s lifeless and bloody body through the back door, out into the dark late evening and into the barn. There she places down some sheets of plastic her father had left around and dumps him on top. Alice is covered in blood it’s matted her French braided hair, and smeared itself all over her face and hands. There she stands, in the barn with the pigs going wild to her left. Hungry and acting like savages in their cage at the smell of fresh blood.

Ruuuum rummmmmmm! Rummmm rummmmm!

Alice lifts her father’s chainsaw with a lot more ease than she did when she was thirteen, She slices down on his thigh just above his knee, a smile of pleasure a crack of laughter rings out as she watches her dad’s left leg fall away from his body. Into the wee hours of the night, Alice chops up her father into bite sized chunks and feeds his sorry ass to his beloved pigs. They devour him, every last bone.



Five Years Later:

Alice stands at the window  and watches for Bill on his return home. She listens out for his nosey truck making its way up the dirt road. She centres her mind to the present day, after she re-lives her night in the barn five years ago, and the night she drummed up a theory about her father’s disappearance, once she fed him to the pigs and cleaned up. All these years later word around town is, he had a terrible “freak accident” and must have fell into the river, as he hit a rock with his wheelchair, while he took an early morning “stroll” by the creek, before she woke up. Well, at least that’s what the police thought after they found his wheelchair overturned by the creek, with no one’s prints on it but his.

Alice takes a deep breath and looks down at her husband’s shirt. He’s been at it again, a smudged lipstick mark is on his collar. She never cared for lipstick and cosmetics, Alice is not that kind of woman. She tried for a couple of years, but it didn’t last long before she let herself go again. She never mastered the art of beautifying one’s self. For two months now she’s restrained herself to not cause a fuss over her suspicions about Bill and his floozy. Until now she’s felt lucky to have Bill, he stuck by her after her father had his “accident”, when she was left all alone. They got married six months after her dad disappeared, while no children have appeared yet she is hopeful. That would be fucked up with another woman in the picture. Of late, Bill seems distant, and uninterested. Secretly her inner voice keeps pushing her… if he comes home again smelling of perfume, or with makeup on his shirt, he’d meet a terrible fate in the barn just like her dad did.

Right on cue, Bill pulls up outside the house and jumps out his truck. Alice grits her teeth, narrows her eye, then moulds her face into the loving welcoming wife. She hides his shirt in her closet and makes her way downstairs to the front door. It swings open just as she reaches the bottom.

“Hey Bill, how was your day?” Alice greets him in her most friendly, loving wifey voice.

“Ah same old, just work, work, work. What’s for dinner?” Alice narrows her eyes, as she watches him walk past, he smells of cheap perfume. She follows him with her gaze as he makes his way into the kitchen.

“ Dinner? Oh… something reaaaaaaal special baby, just you wait and see.”

Author One Scene Three

Slop… Alice chucks a bucket of table scraps over the fence, along with newly tossed away animal parts from a local butchers compound heap just out of town. The chow is devoured in a matter of minutes. She watches as her ten new little piglets chomp the skin, and crunch the bones of freshly discarded animal carcass. The smell is atrocious. But, at least the babies are cute, she thinks.

Just as she’s about to turn a heel and make her way back across the field to her house, an arm snakes around her middle. The warmth of his skin shocks her. Not only because it’s unexpected, but because she hasn’t felt such intimacy in his touch for weeks. Alice closes her eyes and leans into him. The grunting sound of her piglets ring  a sweet tune in her ears. Soon, she daydreams in Bill’s arms, soon it’ll just be us again.

“You’re home early.” Alice says, relishing the feel of his chest against her cheek, and the sound of his heart as it beat in her ear.


His voice crawls through her veins, and confirms that she made the right choice. She loves Bill, it’s his bitch that has to go.

“God, it stinks out here.” He said. “Why you gotta’ feed ‘em that shit anyway?  Can’t you give ‘em somethin’ a little less disgustin’?”

“It’s free, and they need the protein. They’re growin’ so it’s the best thing for ‘em.”

Alice’s lies roll off of her tongue with ease. Pigs can eat anything. She’s only giving them such an unthinkable diet because she’s prepping their digestive systems. It’s one trick that her father taught her well. She doesn’t want the pig’s bellies to reject the real meat she plans to give them. Her intention is to toughen them up. Hopefully she only has to do it once.

After weeks of mental confusion and debate, the decision has been made. Bill’s little fling has to die. She’d followed them, and has her plot all mapped out. She’ll do it as soon as her pigs are big enough to dispose of the woman’s fat ass. In the meantime, she waits and continues to feed her pigs. Twiddling her thumbs as she  regains her own personal self-worth while they grow.

“I still can’t believe you wanted ‘em. I know how bad ya’ hated growin’ up on your father’s pig farm.”

“Yeah, well. I’m not my daddy.”

Her ghostly sigh lowers her shoulders a few inches. Admitting her excitement for a kill was be like admitting to any sort of similarity to her father. The thrill is undeniably there, but Alice will never relish on it… not even to herself.

“I guess they just remind me of my mum,” more lies, “I really miss her.”

“Well then, if pigs make you happy, then pigs you shall have.”

Bill teases playfully, then releases her from his grasp only to slap an open palm on the lower side of her left ass cheek. He giggles, then follows the gesture with a quick but juicy peck on the lips. Alice is in heaven, even with the stench of dead animal only inches away. She misses her husband’s good humour. It has  been missing from their relationship for too long. Alice doesn’t know what brought on Bill’s sudden change of banter, but she knows that she can’t let the moment pass. A slug to the shoulder is offered before she takes off in a sprint back to the house. Over her shoulder she shouts at him.

“You’re it!”

Just as they reach the porch, Bill scoops Alice into his arms. Rolling laughter is cut short by an awkward snort in the back of his throat. Alice wraps her arms around his neck and lets him carry her across the threshold, just as he had the night they were wed. The weak floorboards creak under his feet. He lowers her slowly, and he allows his hands to explore the length of her bare legs as she regains her own balance.

Bill takes a long look at his wife. She’s been different since he let her buy the pigs. A sexy confidence has been restored. There’s something about the way she let her hair back out of their regular braids, she wears it long and wavy, just as she did after the incident with her father. The independent and determined air about her is irresistible to Bill. The lively spark in her devilishly dark eyes, intoxicating. Even her brows are manicured again into two perfectly curved lines. He knows her father didn’t disappear, because we watched her that night. And in the five years he’s been married to Alice he hasn’t said a word. Her daddy was a miserable man, and had it coming. Bill watched Alice close, and saw first hand her transformation. She cleaned up,  applied herself and cared about her looks for a short while. The shyness melted away. The changes in her were fascinating and utterly irresistible.

It wasn’t until about a year ago, when she  slipped back to her old looks and careless ways that he began going out and drinking at night. By the time Nancy came along, Bill was so distanced from Alice that he was numb. He felt like he’d already lost his wife as the strong woman she’d become after knocking off her daddy. Nancy was and still is an outlet, a way to escape his fears if he loses Alice for good.

The pigs have changed everything. Bill knows without a doubt that Alice has to be up to something, but he doesn’t care what. Hell, he’d even help her with whatever endeavor she’s got up her sleeve. Whatever it takes to get his wife back. Even death won’t stop him. He’s seen her kill before, and in all honesty the whole thing only turned him on. Just a couple more fucks with Nancy and he’d break it off.  Alice is finally coming back to him and that’s all he needs.

Their kiss is electrifying, just like the first real kiss he’d given her in the woods. Bill shoves his tongue deeper into her mouth, and hardens instantly at the sound of her wanting moan. Alice is wearing a skin tight button up jean dress that stops at the knees. It’s too tight for him to merely lift the bottom to access her, and there’s no time for foreplay. He wants her, now. He needs it, they both do. The rise and fall of her chest, and the pounding heart in his, tells him that she’s ready. It’s a pleasure he’s been denied for too long.

The passion of the moment is heating Bill’s core and boiling his blood. Strong hands grab at the buttons covering the centre of her breasts, and he rips. Buttons snap, and fall to the cheap linoleum floor with ting ting ting. Bill takes in the sight of his wife’s naked skin as the denim falls from her shoulders into a heap on the floor. Her ample breasts stare back at him, naked and full. He lifts her onto the kitchen counter with ease before tugging his belt from its loops in one swift movement, and freeing his long stiff cock from the restraint of his old stained jeans.

Alice is wet and ready to take in every inch of her animalistic husband. She slides her ass to the edge of the counter and spreads her legs wide granting him access. A deep gasp of air is sucked in with shock as he forces himself inside of her. It causes her back to arch as she lets her head fall behind her shoulders, and her mouth to open. His pumps are rough and hit the very spot she’s been longing to feel. It doesn’t take long for the pressure built up inside, and for her intimacy to crash around him. The release is intoxicating, and Bill pulls her body against his. Drinking her in like a forbidden fruit. He continues to push and grind himself against the soaking slick walls of her centre until the dynamic simulation can no longer be contained. He explodes violently, then carefully lowers them both to the floor to relax and catch a breath.


It’s been two months since Alice and Bill began to rekindle their passion for one another, yet he’s still been going out late at night to see her. Alice is fuming. She enjoys her husband’s touch and knows with every ounce of energy flowing through her body that he loves her back. It’s even written all over his face when he’s with Nancy. Alice dresses down to her old grey dress and watches them from the shadows. She sees the way Bill looks at the floor, and the way he avoids the touch of his mistress. The distancing is all too familiar, and the memory of him treating her the same way, makes Alice cringe.

In a weird unexplainable way Alice is actually glad the he hasn’t stopped seeing Nancy. It gives her an excuse. A reason to stalk the bitch. And, it justifies the want and need that Alice has to see the woman suffer. The pigs are finally big enough, tonight is the night. Bill told Alice that he’d be going out with the guys and not home till late. So, when he bids farewell to Nancy early, Alice knows that this is her chance.

Crouched down behind an old beat up Chrysler, Alice waits. She’s close enough to hear the hum of her husband’s voice.

“I told you, Nancy. I won’t be able to meet up with you at all next week. I’m busy.”

Alice grins to herself.

“But I miss you,” Nancy wines. “It seems like you don’t want to be with me anymore.”

Silence greets Alice and she holds her breath. Listening, and waiting for her chance to slip into the bed of Nancy’s pickup.

“I. I. I don’t know what I want.” Bill stutters and lets out a sigh.

“All right well… whenever you’re ready I’ll be here.”

The annoyed defiance bleeds through the cracking of Nancy’s already high in pitched voice. Alice rolls her eyes and thinks, no you won’t bitch, by the time I’m done there will be nothin’ left of your stank home wreckin’ ass.

“All right.” Bill mumbles.

The sound of Bill’s clumpy boots trail off in the direction of the bar they just came out of. Back in to meet up with his friends no doubt. Alice creeps behind the car that’s concealing her and just as the engine of Nancy’s truck roars to life, she slips into the bed of it. She lodges herself between the cab of the truck and a large toolbox.

Alice knows that the drive won’t be long. She knows exactly where Nancy lives, and has her own truck parked a few blocks away. Waiting for them both.


Nancy’s eyes slowly creep open, and the first thing she can feel is the thick rolling drop of wet blood down the side of her round face. It sticks to the tiny peach fuzz hairs that frame her chin. The instinct to wipe at the wetness is interrupted by the heavy restraints of her wrists. She wriggles and squirms, with her heavily made-up eyes still half closed, and her thickly lipsticked mouth  taped shut. Her vision snaps to fully alert as she remembers the last thing she’d seen before the lights went out was Alice — inside her home holding a baseball bat.

Nancy struggles for air, drawing in shallow breaths from her nose as the oxygen to her mouth is closed completely off. She can’t scream, only a muffled noise as if she’s yelling  underwater cuts quietly in the air.

They’re in a dank wooden shed with a concrete floor covered in dirt, pig shit, and scattered clumps of straw. Shovels, hoes, and saws are leaning up against one of the old cracked wooden walls. Nancy is chained down to the a large metal chair that’s bolted into the floor. She thrashes around as the distorted image of Alice standing over her with a chainsaw comes into focus.

Alice pulls at the starting cord of her weapon. Rummmmm rummm rummmm. It struggles to fire to life. She gives it another tug, but before it can light up, the wooden door behind her swings open. Nancy again struggles to yell, pleading with her tear soaked eyes. Bill stands in the doorway, but the lack of shock in his surprisingly amused gaze takes both Nancy and Alice by surprise.

“Bill!” Alice gasps.

“Hey sexy.”

Bill talks to Alice as if it were any regular day. Nancy is stunned, chained down like a rabid beast awaiting her deadly fate. Still gasping for air, and growing more petrified by the minute, all she can do is watch her lover with his insanity stricken wife.

“I thought you’d be home late.” Alice said, letting the chainsaw in her hands nearly drop to the floor.

“What? You think I didn’t see those ugly old sandals lurking around underneath that Chrysler at the bar?”   

“I um, I…” Alice is at a loss for words. “But, why… I mean, did you…”

Bill chuckles under his breath, excitement rising in his chest like the ocean tide. Arousal at the heinous sight before him is a pleasant surprise. He’d imagined the fire in Alice’s eyes as she murdered her dick-of-a-father all this time. Dreamed of the passion in her twisted face.

“Well…” he laughs at her stutter. “Don’t let me stop you.”

“But Bill… I. I.”

Alice watches her love closely as he walks past her and begins to circle her prey. He looks down his nose at her like a piece of meat. He stops between the two of them, and with one hand slid casually in a pocket, he scratches at the stubble on his chin with the other.

“Alice, I know what you did to your dad. I watched.”

Again, Alice turns mute, as Bill’s eyes smile from his cheeks.

“It’s okay, Alice, my love. I love this about you.”

Then he turns to Nancy and gives her the full evil grin that until this night he’d hidden from them both. The excited wrinkles around Bill’s eyes show both the women his eager anticipation. He steps aside and leans against a wall of the shed. He sweeps an arm in front of himself and continues to speak to his loving wife. The woman he is still ready to spend the rest of his life with. The woman he admires, and that excites him. The woman ready and willing to kill for him, just to keep him for herself. The woman he will clean up after and fuck all night while the blood of his dead lover is still fresh on her skin.

“I didn’t know how to get rid of Nancy anyway, my love. Proceed.”

Alice locks her eyes on his. For a moment unsure of his intentions. The wanting admiration in his eyes as he looks into hers tells it all. Still without words, Alice pulls the chainsaw’s chord.

Author Two: Scene Four

Rummm rum, rumm rumm.

Alice swallows hard as her eyes remain locked with Bill’s. The scene in front of her sends a pang of want between her legs, Bill’s gaze the lustful ‘I need you now’ look he used to bless her with in the early days of their marriage has returned. Alice carefully places her beloved chainsaw down on the ground beside her, its hum in the  background exciting her further. Bill shifts his weight and draws himself up to his full height, Alice makes her way over and stands under his gaze. There is no need for words to be exchanged between the two of them, they read each other’s mind as a menacing smile creeps across both of their faces. Alice and Bill move their eyes back over to their prize, Nancy strapped securely to the metal chair.

“Go on Alice, don’t be shy now.”

Alice peeks up at Bill slowly moving her eyes from Nancy to his broad chest, upward to look him in the eye. Both of her hands cup his face as she embraces him, then blesses him with a full on passionate kiss. Bill returns her passion without hesitation, his hands make their way round to her ample behind as she pulls her in closer to him. Alice feels the bulge against his jeans as his manhood strains to contain itself in his trousers. Slowly she grinds her hips up against him, teasing him.

“Mmm, Alice you better make quick work of her. I got plans for you.” Bill playfully slaps Alice’s behind and spins her around to face Nancy. Nancy sits trembling in her chair, even from a distance her fear is visible. Panic sets in, pleading with her eyes and  mumbles from behind the tape over her mouth. Alice gives no mercy.

“Right, ya little homewreakin’ slut!”

“Mmm mmmm mm”

Alice stamps her way over the Nancy and rips off the tape from her mouth in one swift quick motion, drawing blood and lipstick along with it from her bottom lip.

“What was that you said?”

“Alice, please listen to me it was just–”

“Fuccccccccccck you, Nancy!” Alice draws back her open palmed right hand.


Nancy’s face flies to Alice’s left from the force of her slap, leaving a red palm mark as a souvenir on Nancy’s right cheek.

“Now, open your Goddamn legs. I’ll teach you to fuck with my man.”


Bill’s stomach churns as she watches Alice do away with his one time lover. He feels no guilt, instead he has a hardon that seems to grow throughout the entire scene. Nancy is toast, completely unrecognisable her bodily remains scattered around the shed. He watches closely as Alice dismembers the last piece of Nancy.  Impatience gets the better of him, removing his shirt he walks over to Alice and surprises her from behind, as she’s bent over Nancy’s body. Standing directly behind her he places his hard bulge up against her and closes his eyes as he rubs up against her. In his mind’s eye he relives the vision of Alice dismembering Nancy. The blood, flesh, smell of the kill all sending testosterone through his body like wildfire. As he rubs himself up against Alice,  Alice keeps busy with her chainsaw. Over the loud hum of the machine Bill speaks up.

“That’s enough Alice, she’s good and done now.”


“Let her be Alice, I can think of better things to do.”

Alice shuts off the chainsaw, wipes her brow with the back of her bloody hand and straightens up pushing her back against Bill further.

“Better things to do?” Alice teases Bill.

Bill responds by reaching around and unbuttoning her dress, as usual Alice is bra- less. As her breasts fall out he wastes no time as he cups both of her them wet, and covered in blood. Alice throws her head back slightly and drops the chainsaw.



“Nothing, don’t stop.”

Alice’s hoarse breathless voice urges Bill on. He rips open her dress. The coolness against Alice’s skin soaked with Nancy’s blood arouses her. With one hand busy caressing her left breast, Bill’s right hand snakes its way down between her legs. His fingers find the exact spot he knows will drive her wild. Alice’s moans of pleasure are music to his ears.  He wants to worship her and show her that it has always been her that he wanted and needed. Nancy was just a phase.

He spins her around and in one swift movement picks her blood soaked naked body up, and places her on the concrete floor of the shed. Blood, body parts, it doesn’t faze either of them, it adds to the ambiance of their love making . A fresh new experience for them both. Kneeling between Alice’s legs, Bill unbuckles himself allowing his strong erection to spring free. Placing one of Alice’s legs on his shoulder he rubs himself up against her opening, before he slides into her slowly, making a full connection, they become one. Rocking slowly enjoying every stroke, Bill watches Alice’s expression light up the moment he makes full contact with her.

“Billllllllllllllllllllll, jez!”

At Alice’s moan of pleasure, Bill moves up a gear as he penetrates her deeply placing both legs on his shoulders. In the background the pigs are nosey spectators, above their grunts for food Bill slides Alice around the blood splatter on the floor and brings her to  an earth shattering climax.

This was the first night of a new era for them. A spree of death, and elated passion is ahead. Alice and Bill will soon grow as a team, terminators, the worst kind of killers at their finest. This night is one that will never be forgotten, and will forever change the lives of everyone in their deadly path.

 Oh my God this one was something totally out of my comfort zone to write. Thank you for reading ,and the writing prompt challenge from both of us! Stay tuned voting for writing prompts in 2019 will open soon!