Book Review: ‘What About Love’ by Bai Jaye 4 Lovely Stars! ( AA Romance) #amreading

Bai JayneWow what a lovely little bite sized love story with a cute happy ever after! I really enjoyed reading this novella from just the first view pages. I would have liked more to this.   This author is new to me, I stumbled across the book on Facebook, and read it on one sitting! Let’s get into the review.


Running out of the back of the bridal shop as her fiancé comes in looking for her Gabrielle Nowell literally runs into the man of her dreams on the street. When their bodies collide the magic of love fills the air. Both of them are instantly smitten, but Gabrielle knows it could never amount to anything with her wedding set for Valentines Day a little less than two months away.
DeSai Hardy is the latest hot R&B singer in the game. Signed to Golden Nowell records, he is engaged to Gabrielle Nowell, the princess of the company. However, true to his bad boy R&B image, DeSai continues to juggle multiple women at a time. DeSai has Gabby as his future wife, Sasha as his main chick and now has added another to his rotation.
Ace Prince wasn’t looking for love, but somehow cupid caught up with him anyway. Always focused on his daughter and his businesses he didn’t have much time for anything else. When he bumped into Gabrielle on the street, he couldn’t fight his attraction. Never has he set his sights on a woman that was spoken, but this time he’s losing the battle and fast. Will love win in the end or will hearts be fumbled?

Kim’s Review 4 Lovely Stars! More Please

I genuinely love it when I stumble across a book that’s short, but engaging and enjoyable a good example of an author that does not need to babble on to craft a good tale. What drew me into this story was the blurb, I remember thinking to myself, ‘wow these are two very contrasting men here, I wonder how this will turn out?’ Most importantly I hoped that the author would be able to build the contrast between DeSai and Ace…. boy did she! Here’s what I loved.

Characters-  The separation between the two main men’s mentality was clearly there. In fact I really disliked DeSai and I was meant to! He was not a nice guy  which made me lean towards Gabby and root for her. Gabby herself was a like-able character too. Ace, to me was  a great  ‘book boyfriend’. He was sweet, romantic and he fought for Gabby, literally (no spoilers) and emotionally.  In the end I felt like he was very deserving of her love, and that he was just the kind of man she needed after DeSai. The other female characters also were cool to read, even if  they were up to no good. Generally the characters were interesting to read.

Story line- This is a novella, and it moves quickly and it was engaging to read right from the start. I also liked the push and pull between DeSai and Gabby.  I really liked how Ace and Gabby’s  love developed. To me as a reader it was a classic example of ‘just knowing’ when you meet someone. Or some may call it ‘insta-love’ in romance, but it was realistic to me. Sometimes you do meet people and know that you could build something with them. I liked the fact that Ace was not even looking for love, but Gabby seemed to be the right woman to change his mind.

I found the set up of the story rather unique, this is an arranged marriage kind of between DeSai and Gabby. The circumstances being around DeSai’s fame and Gabby’s father’s values as a man struck me as unique to read.

Reality- I liked that part of this story shows Ace as a father, he has a little girl who he is responsible for. I liked that he was a good father, and that his relationship with the mother of his child was not typical ‘baby mama and baby daddy’ drama. I’m not really a fan of stories that play into these stereotypes within African American or urban romance. I loved that this author did not feel the need to hype up a dramatic woman, who would not allow the father of her child to move on. Or Gabby have ‘issues’ with the other woman.  I also liked that as I read I could feel the change of heart in Ace, and his view point over whether he wanted to settle in a relationship.

Overall, What About Love is a lovely romance story with good characters, an enjoyable story line, and a beautiful happy ending. The only thing I would have loved is to have more on the development with Ace and Gabby, once they finally got over their challenges I felt like I could have read more once it ended. That’s a good thing!   I recommend  this novella to all those who enjoy romance generally, that can be read in under two hours, those who like multicultural or African American romance and are looking for a genuine love story. I would read more from the author. It’s free to read on Kindle Unlimited too at the time of this review, with great reviews.