Happy Mother’s Day(UK)+ Free Download Weekend.

Good morning my loves!

It’s been forever and a day since I touched base with you. I really hope that you’re well. 2021 ended just as busy as 2022 started for me. This is my first real contact with readers (outside of social media), that’s personal and from me. I’ve not even interacted on my blog.

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend in the UK, if you’re in the UK, I hope you have a wonderful day/weekend. I will try my best to celebrate being a mother too, but it also marks one year since I lost my own mum, Viv. Some of you may recall around springtime in 2021, I was on a roll knocking out novel after novel. I wrote three unsolved mystery stories in about nine months, The Note I approved yesterday in audio version. I was and still am proud that I managed to do this, and battled with finishing the last one just as I learned my mum was about to pass away. I was fighting a publisher’s deadline to complete the third one. I did it, but I then took a well-deserved break from writing to process my loss, bury Mum, organise her estate, sell her home etc. It was so unexpected, I did write a memoir My Mum and Me, Messages From Beyond The Grave as my experiences after Mum crossed over were so out of this world! I couldn’t not document it in a memoir. It was a really special experience too, I’ll never forget it and gives validation to the whole ‘life after death’ theories.

 I’ve asked my publisher to make it a free download this weekend, to celebrate Mother’s Day in the UK and remember Mum. You can grab a free copy on Amazon from the 25th- 27th of March 2022 in all countries.  Click the cover to grab your copy, or the link above.

In other news, I have been well, healthy, and I am back writing prolifically again! This was one thing Mum made me promise I’d dedicate my life to. So I will for her and me!  I’m currently working on another unsolved mystery so different to the three I’ve penned so far. I will be sharing more details very soon. The last one I wrote before Mum passed, I’m about to enter into a competition for British writers, why not aye? Try my luck, wish me luck with a shortlist!

Spring has arrived, and I am so pleased, I love this time of year and summer being my favourite. I’m back to getting up before sunrise these days to write, do some yoga, home-school my boy, then start my day. I do love watching the sun pop up it floods in the living from, then by mid-morning it’s beating over the garden area which is nice. We adopted a six-year-old shelter cat that’s just soooooooo sweet but timid.  She’s a Russian Blue breed. She’s also tiny in size for her age.  That said, it’s funny as her age, and appreciation for the warm and cosy inside life has really shown. All she does is chill in her bed and snooze, when she’s not snoozing, she’s ‘supervising’ us LOL. Watching what we’re doing from her perch in her cat tree or bed. My son begged me for a cat he loves animals, I have always grown up with one. I kind of fell in love with Belle’s story of street life, then spending one year at a shelter before we got her, but her time there she was so stressed out and scared with the dogs and loud atmosphere that she just hid all the time, and wouldn’t let any human near her.  Judging by her behaviour when she arrived home, I do think that if she ever lived in a house, she was abused. She would flinch so much if anyone went to pet her. Now she’s a bit more confident and I can pet her with ease and not too much flinching, she has shown me her tummy to show she trusts me which is great. But, she’s still timid and likes to observe everything from afar in a comfy warm place. She doesn’t even have any interest in the outdoor life at all, I opened the back door she looked out, glanced behind her, and ran back to her bed. At the shelter she did have access to a garden. Maybe she’ll come around once the summer comes and it’s too tempting to not laze in the sun, I know I will be!

Anyway friends, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, you and your family remain safe and well, and that with all that’s happening globally you have some inner peace.

Until next time, keep well, and please do leave a review on Amazon if you grab a free download of My Mum and Me, Messages From Beyond The Grave.

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