The Last Romance?… 0.99 Cent Pre-Order

Hi my loves, I really hope you’re all keeping well in this pandemic.

So last week I was rooting around my old USBs and found this little baby! I honestly forgot about it, and thought that the last story in the romance genre I wrote was Sacrifices . Turns out, I wrote this later in around 2019 and reconnected with it on the old USB. It’s a super short, heart-warming, but well rounded story. It’s out now on pre-order and will be released on the 30th of October 2021. Check it out.

**99 Cent Pre-order, release date the 30th of October 2021.**

Love Lost and Found is a heart-warming short story of an unexpected ‘friends to lovers’ journey, for two souls in need of a touch from cupid’s arrow.

 For thirty-six-year-old Lydia Andrews, a high-flying marketing manager from London, she finds herself stuck in a hard place. With a demanding but high-paid job, a marriage on the rocks, and an unexpected change to her family life to juggle.  One ‘bad day at work’ with an encounter with Daniel St. Michael her company’s international marketing manager while working together virtually on a project, based in Negril, Jamaica turns into a love affair they both never forget.

Daniel St. Michael has his own heartache to deal with following the death of his mother, and the stress of trips between Miami and Jamaica following her passing. He has been looking for love but gave up. As an older and established man, he is yet to make the right love connection. He has it all security, a beautiful home, and a welcoming heart for the right woman, on a warm, vibrant, and sunny island.

 As co-workers the pair try to keep it ‘professional’ but experience tension. They soon become fast friends. But, can Daniel convince his British beauty Lydia, to make a trip from the grey, cold, weather in London to the sunny Caribbean island, and that her heart, future, and life are safe in his hands following the drama she has been going through? Not just for a holiday…. but for good. Especially when her soon to be ex-husband is lurking in the shadows.

Get wrapped up in two worlds on different sides of the Atlantic Ocean, experience a heart-warming journey of how love was lost and found in this short story.

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