Book Review: The Game of Life, and How to Play it (NonFiction/Metaphysical) 5+ Outstanding Stars!

The Game of Life and How to Play It by [Florence Shinn, Sarah Shockley]

Book #22 of my #100BooksChallenge and WOW, WOW, WOW. I bought all this author’s books from this one read. Originally published in 1925, this is not the original cover but I love it and she died in 1940. Florence Scovel Shinn is such an inspiration. I read the audio book with a fantastic narrator then had to add the books to my shelf. 5 outstanding stars! Another spot on recommendation via YouTube for me to listen to, so glad I did.

About The Book:

The classic self-help guide, full of timeless wisdom

Florence Scovel Shinn’s The Game of Life and How to Play It first appeared in bookstores in 1925 and is now considered a classic in the self-help genre. The author’s insights into achieving meaning, happiness and success are just as relevant and effective today as they were nearly a century ago, hence its reissue as part of the exciting Capstone Classics line.

This collectible, hard-back edition of The Game of Life and How to Play It includes an insightful introduction by series editor and self-help expert Tom Butler-Bowdon. Tom is an authority on classic self-help texts and adroitly connects the content of this book with the concerns of modern readers.

  • Enjoy the colourful anecdotes of 1920s New York that have made Scovel Shinn’s book a cult classic
  • Discover the original “life hacks” for advancing in every area of your life, from health to wealth to love
  • Succeed by attuning yourself with the unchanging principles that govern the universe

With the release of this Capstone Classics edition, we finally have an authoritative, collectible version of The Game of Life and How to Play It. Find out why The Game of Life and How to Play It is one of the defining self-help guides of the 20th century.

Five plus stars from me, I found this to be engaging from the very first chapter. Keeping in mind that I read the original, not adapted version from Florence’s original wording and old style formal use of English. I still found it easy to digest, comforting, and so inspirational. The book covers some short ‘universal truths or laws’ that are helpful to help one manifest the life they wish, reduce what they don’t want, and be happy. Florence refers to life as 1. perfect health 2. perfect wealth 3. perfect expression 4. connection to the higher self. Like a square you could say to help one feel complete. I found as I read if you take the guidance or her thoughts and apply it to today’s context it could serve you really well! I was so inspired and felt so good after I read The Game of Life and How to Play it. In addition I found it so inspirational that she was the first female metaphysical, new-age, ‘woo woo’, spirituality whatever you want call it writer , I liked that. Overall I recommend this as a read to everyone male or female– you’ll gain so much from it, if you allow yourself to open up to the possibility of what the author proposes. Five plus outstanding stars from me!

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