Book Review: Life after Death, Powerful Evidence You’ll Never Die 4 Stars

#100BooksChallenge book #19! Wow what a book that was recommended to me by Amazon. I really enjoyed this. I’ll read anything on this subject matter, esoteric, metaphysical etc. It was the title that pulled me in so glad I read it.

About The Book

What happens when we die? This new edition of “Life After Death” adds to powerful evidence consciousness continues the author presented in his 2015 release. He spent two years gathering information that demonstrates this and along the way interviewed more than a hundred experts in a number of different fields. Among them were parapsychologists, medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, quantum physicists, and researchers into the true nature of reality. Specific examples are presented that indicate what happens when we die, for example that memories can be formed and retained despite a subject’s brain having been shutdown and the blood drained from it. Questions such as whether or not you will be able to communicate with living loved ones after death are addressed, if it is possible to be reborn, and what might be missing from reproductive theory to explain the various phenomena indicated in the many case histories and scientific investigations presented.All of us will someday cross the border to what Shakespeare called “The undiscovered country.” As long as we must make that trip, wouldn’t it be smart to find out where we are going and what to expect when we get there?

This is such a well researched and powerfully written book, I am someone who actually does believe in life after death as a possibility. But, after reading this it was so hard to disregard the possibility. The author uses powerful case studies, real life accounts, and goes into a lot of detail about how the mind is separate from the brain, therefore that’s why it’s possible to still have a conscious presence once a person passes. The brain is the organ, the mind and thought are the spirit of a person, and this can live on. He has used scientific evidence as well as and real life accounts to back up all his reasons that make life after death very possible. What I really enjoyed about this book is that the author has used so many different angles to approach the possibility of life after death. It’s not all straight forward, the evidence will make even the most doubtful reconsider. Four wonderful stars, I would read more from this author, and feel that anyone who has an interest in this subject matter should check this out. Or anyone who is worried about a loved one who is near the end of life stage could find great comfort in this book.

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