International Best-seller: Thank you

Good morning guys, I took to Facebook to thank readers who pre-ordered The Note. Less than a week before release day I have hit the best seller’s list in my home, the United Kingdom and internationally in the USA and stayed there. Thank you. But, I am a private person and someone close to me is about to die. I’ve not said, it could be weeks, days, or months we’re all just waiting. The person said, ‘don’t tell us’ especially me. I guess in fear that we’d worry and I’d maybe lose focus with writing or even stop. I’ve known for two weeks and they were right, I have not been able to write. I tried to today as usual when I got up at 6.00a.m to give it a go, I never got out of bed.

Then I checked the charts, and seeing your support really pushed me to get up and try. In 2020 when I achieved number 1 best seller status I thought it was all a fluke, I did it twice UK and internationally but I never imagined I could enter a chart again based on sales. The ‘International Thriller and Mysteries’ category is dominated by house-hold name authors. King, Balluci, Child, Brown, Rose, Grisham, Mosley! We don’t even need to say these house-hold author’s first names! We know them! We love them! I love them all and read them all, we all do they are super talented and dominate the charts with their books alone! So this is so uplifting to see that there’s support for my work as a little fish. While I don’t need to be number one like these guys always are, I’m just so pleased to make the top 100 best-sellers in such tough area. Especially when I all want to do is write! Because I love it and can, not really money or status.

As a writer we all have dreams, personally mine has always been just to write, find a good publisher, and hope to gain a readership anything else is a bonus. If you have supported me as a reader of mine I appreciate you, I am so grateful for your support thank you I say this humbly. I needed to see these charts this morning, as right now as I have found it hard these last two weeks to keep myself going and just get out of bed, let alone write. When the person I love finally passes, I know I will fall to pieces, but this support has helped me to open up my laptop this morning and try again, and try to keep getting out of bed. Thank you.

Look after the people you love, life is short.


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