Book Review: Trans D (Conspiracy Theory Thriller) Book #2 4 Stars!

#100BooksChallenge book #12, now I read the prologue to this and that was a five star read! I enjoyed this also, and will read the next part. I came across this cover via book promo and clicked for more info, really glad I did! Free to read on Kindle Unlimited too.

About The Book:

Perfect career. Perfect family. Perfect life. Until it isn’t…
Find out why your fellow thriller-lovers can’t put this book down for even one second.

Gary Davis is dumb-struck on a flight en route to Namibia on the African continent. The man who had been sitting next to him has apparently vanished into thin air. The more he insists that he was not alone, the more frustrated the flight attendants become. They are adamant that Gary had been alone since he set foot on the plane.

Frustrated, Gary scoffs as his mind takes him back to the conversation he had had with William the previous night. Eventually, he convinces himself that his imagination is simply running wild. That is, until William makes another appearance… This time, though, William claims to be someone else.

This is the first installment of Rhiley McCabe’s Broken Reality series.

Now don’t get me wrong I loved part two as much as part one! The only surprise was that a lot of what’s covered in part one– the prologue I also read here! So for me the story I was familiar with, and really wanted a bit more progression. That said if you’ve not read the first part this is an excellent starting place. As with part one I enjoyed in part two all the characters, plot, the witty banter, location, and the way the author built up the ‘oh wow what happens next’ feeling! Overall this is for sure a series I will read all the books of, hands down. It’s also a series I recommend to lovers of fast paced thrillers, with twists, turns, and the unexpected. It’s very unique in a sense that ‘Trans D’ is a conspiracy theory about control of the population, and makes links to a ‘virus’ that causes some deaths. So very fitting for the times that we’re living in, in 2021. Give this a try if you like to follow plots that are closely plotted, fast, engaging, and love different locations in the world. The fact that it takes place in Africa is thrilling to me! I can’t wait to see what happens next. 4 really good stars.

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