Free Download Today Only: ‘She Didn’t Know About Me’ by Elbie Dee

Free download on Amazon for today 29th December 2020 only! Book two is released 7th January and on pre-sale NOW! Catch up with book one for free, and place your pre-order!


About The Book

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Brea was a southern girl from Florida, who tried her best to stay away from men who were affiliated with illegal ways of living. She wasn’t so lucky with her wishes, though. Her kid’s father, Chayse, caught a charge and was sentenced. It made Brea leave Florida and relocate in Chicago, Illinois. She meets Meeno and falls head over heels. She’s able to enter a relationship without having to worry about him coming home at night. Sometimes, all it takes is a co-worker to break you out of the fairytale love you thought you had. How will things turn out when Brea finds out she’s dating the most respected hood king in the city?

Amazon free download here:

Meet the Author

Elbie Dee is an American indie author who specializes within the Urban Romance genre. She started writing song lyrics and poetry at the young age of twelve, which helped land her career in the writing business as an adult. She hopes to release at least one book per genre within her career in order to touch the hearts of all readers. With her pen in her hand and aspirations at heart, she is able to show her three children that dreams are possible as long as you commit your soul into it.

An image posted by the author.

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