Book Review: Imagination in Manifestation- How To Create Abundance. 5 Must Read Stars (Spirituality/ Non-fiction) #ImaginationtoManifestationHowtoCreateAbundance #netgallery

AbundanceI’d like to thank Netgallery and the author from the bottom of my heart, for my free copy in exchange for a review! All opinions are my own. This is a wonderful, practical, short, read that I’ve just purchased in paperback too. Packed with great reading and so many practical ‘write with intention’  reflections. Brilliant!

About the Book:

Imagination to Manifestation~How To Create Abundance is a workbook for intention and action. Mitch Cearbhall teaches methods to help you control your thinking and examine your emotional state. You’ll learn how to construct focused intentions and follow through to manifest the reality you have only dreamed of having.

This practical workbook shows how to harness your subconscious—explore your shadow—and develop mindfulness to help you live a self-determined life. Mitch presents ancient and new information on the kinds of self-development practices that lead to success. Using current research in neuroscience, biology, and quantum mechanics Mitch offers a practical guide to living a more fulfilling life.

Whether you’re a beginner or a teacher, there are relevant exercises and activities to give you an opportunity to experience the change and not merely read about it, and to help others in their change process. At the end of the workbook you’ll find a list of resources and activities to help you continue your learning.


Kim’s Review- 5 Must Read Stars

As always I scanned over the non-fiction, religion and spirituality section for new reads on Netgallery, this one caught my eye due to the cover, and wonderful title. I love everything about this book. The author does a fantastic job with really getting readers to ‘think’ with intention, not by telling you to but, by actually giving you exercises to do it. As I flicked through the short, sharp, and well written eight chapters I found myself mentally doing each exercise. That’s when I headed straight to Amazon to buy a copy. There’s simply so many useful areas on how to create, achieve, and go for what you want in life. As well as how to remove old ways of thinking or feeling. However by being sure of what you want first, with deep reflection on your path. There’s also some very interesting research to support the points made, and you get an additional free resource to help you do your reflections  (in the e-book), which you can download from the author’s site.

Overall, in a nutshell this is a wonderful book to consider, to help you really decide on where you’re going, or not going, and how to bring abundance into your life, that may not always be financial. In fact, the tone of the book is not focused on ‘let’s get rich really quick’ at all. The author clearly shows that abundance comes in so many different forms, and sometimes it’s good to stop, reflect, recognise and see what abundance really means to you, outside of money. Five must read stars from me!  I recommend this for everyone no one in particular, just everyone.  Even if you feel already abundant in life I do recommend this book, not just if you feel you need to focus on life or where  you’re  going. I can’t wait until my copy arrives.

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