Male Authors of Colour Wk3: Urban King #4 Urban Fantasy Author Mikel Wilson #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatteruk #blackauthorsmatter

Mikel W


Here we go again, there is no shortage of male authors of colour in the fantasy genre! Here’s best-selling author, Mikel Wilson and some fun facts to get to know. At the time of writing Mikel currently has five books published on Amazon.

Fun facts about Mikel:

I’m a Pisces

My fave color is royal blue at the moment, for some reason it changes😂

My hobbies include (Takes deep breath) playing guitar, singing, writing music, playing piano,tenor sax, bass guitar and violin. I enjoy building and customizing cars which include painting, and motor work. I love to draw anime and comic book characters as well as paint and sketch still life and scenery. I like to sew and cook as well. (Exhales) see that wasn’t so bad😂😂 I’m also married with 4 kids two boys and two girls 🙂

Meet The Author

Best-selling author Mikel Wilson took the world by storm with The Hybrid series. This science fiction/fantasy series is filled with everything one could possibly ask for: action, mystery, romance, werewolves, vampires, greek gods, and so much more. Despite such success, Wilson has not let it get to his head. Mikel Wilson was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Being the youngest of nine children–four boys and five girls–Mikel Wilson was never lonely. Growing up, religion had been a major influence, mainly because he was the son of a preacher. This influence is still with him today, as he is the minister of music at his church. Mikel Wilson is married to Danielle and they have four children together.

Here’s a book Mikel would like to share with you:

Mikel Book

Happily ever-after is only for fairytales.

Newly appointed football coach Brian and his wife Ally thought they had it all until darkness descended. Secrets from the past cause hidden scars to emerge, forming dark clouds over the family’s home. Now faced with losing everything they hold dear, they fight! Armed with prayer, hope, faith, and a mouthy godly woman named Natalie, “they will not go quietly into that good night!” Is faith truly all you need to find your happily ever after, or does it require more?


Find out if they can once again find what it takes to repair the shattered pieces of their lives. In this upcoming novel from the brilliant mind of USA Today bestselling Author Mikel Wilson “Picking up The Shattered Pieces.”

If Mikel seems like your cup of tea, check out his Amazon author page here. He has some nice positive reviews. Please leave him one too, I’m sure he’d love it.


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