Male Authors of Colour Wk #3: Urban King #3- Fantasy Author Nick Adams

I’m rather excited to showcase today’s authors just the other week a reader of the paranormal and fantasy genre felt that, there are not many authors of colour who write here. Well here we go! Let’s meet a male author of colour who does, it’s Nick Adams. At the time of writing this Nick has two books published on Amazon, and they are bargain prices at the moment.

Nick A

Fun facts about Nick in his own words:

 Star sign: Capricorn (the best)
 Fav colour: Red (but sometimes blue)

I would say my hobbies are, of course, reading and writing. I’m a gamer, but really only play one game (Destiny 2) which I have a YouTube channel for. I’m really not that good at it despite playing it for years 😂😂. I’m definitely an over thinker and have trust issues with anyone that doesn’t like dark chocolate lol. Married with two kids. Introverted unless I’m surrounded by friends. I love comic books (Spider-Man is the best, fantasy novels, and almost anything Eric Jerome dickey.

Meet The Author:

NICKLOUS P. ADAMS II is a writer that enjoys reading all types of books especially spiritual and science fiction. He is also an avid comic book reader. These interests combined have inspired him to take up the mantle of writing his own book. He has a wife and two young children and resides in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Aww doesn’t Nick sound lovely? Here’s a book he’d love to share.

Nick Adams Book

Would you die for your friends? That is the choice Micah must face when an ancient evil destroys his city. He can either journey to his homeland, or seek help with his friends in a place he is not welcome. Soon he finds out that he may be the key to defeating the monster that threatens his world. How can he prevail against a power so fierce? Who are the Aviya? Do the answers lie in the inviting glow of a mysterious orb in a cave? Join them in their quest of peril, friendship, and love as good and evil clash in an epic battle. Check out this bargain book for just. 99 cent on Amazon here. At the time of writing Nick has some wonderful reviews too!


If this Urban Fantasy King seems like your cup of tea, give Nick a try. Check out his Amazon Author page here. Please leave him a review, I’m sure he’d love it.

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