Male Author of Colour Wk#2: Micheal Ediale- Non Fiction #blacklivesmatter #blackauthorsmatter

Mike EdialeMeet Micheal, one of our male authors of colour an author of a huge variety of non-fiction and children books! His Amazon page is loaded.

Michael Ediale is a leading expert and authority in the field of self- improvement, capacity building and potential effectiveness. His is passionate about inspiring,motivating and empowering people to improve their lives, achieve their dreams and maximize their potential. He has authored more than fifty books which cuts across self-improvement, personal growth and personal finance. Through his books millions of lives have been transformed and destines restored. His books are laden with great insights, wisdom and new ideas that will help you achieve anything in life. As an advocate of championing the course of providing better well-being to humanity all the proceeds from his books have been donated to charity. Getting copies of his books will elevate poverty, sponsor and feed a child is Africa. Michael Ediale is an author and impact maker to watch out for in this generation. If you need motivation, inspiration, encouragement and enrichment any of his books will give you that.



All of Micheal’s books can be found on his Amazon page here has way too many to count! Check him out and do leave him a review, if you enjoy.

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