Street Lit King #4: Fun Facts +Next Release By Travis Yancey, Urban Fiction, Mixed With Thriller and Suspense Author!

received_593464951568008All right last  but by no means least our fourth Street Lit King, and male author of colour this week is Travis Yancey! Look at this beautiful picture of him and his daughter. I crossed paths with this author a while back,  I have downloaded his book I did start to read the first chapter and was drawn in. Travis from what I know of is someone who is very real, judging by his Facebook posts he really does say it how it is! Get to know him. His  debut novel crosses genres urban/street lit into the crime thriller and suspense genre, with mafia involvement across the Atlantic!

I would recommend that anyone who enjoys suspense, thrill and futuristic vibes in their reading to check him out. So far he has published just this one book I’m aware of, but I am sure there will be more in the pipeline. His book has a wonderful review on and I’m sure he would welcome more readers and reviews!

Fun facts about Travis

Star sign– Aquarius

Favourite Colour– Red

Favourite Food– Spaghetti

Age- thirty five, and he can’t swim. ( please keep a straight face lol)

Hails from– New York

Hobbies- chess-he’s been playing since 8th grade.  He’s a barber and has been since the age of eleven.  Writing is a true passion, he discovered writing from spending time alone, and wanting to express himself and his imagination, without people looking at him ‘weirdly’. He grow up in public housing, sadly his mother was a drug addict  while he was young, he also didn’t  have his father around. While this is sad, in his own words ‘these streets made me.’

Current Work In Progress In Travis’ Own Words:

I love writing books that mix the urban culture with a mainstream suspense feel. Some of my books have a futuristic approach also, using a “modern society” such as my up and coming book called “Galaxy Goonz.” Where two African American brothers came up in the year 2999 selling lazers and what’s called “Phlang”( modern day heroin). The two brothers became crypto billionaires. As it is told one of the brothers commits murder when he walks in on his wife, having a affair in their mansion. He’s  sentenced to 100 years ON THE SUN…it is up to his twin brother to help break him free, before he is sentenced! The brothers go from planet to planet, creating chaos in the Galaxy as the brothers strive to stay free and alive while on the run!


Debut Novel

Mike A bookLove reading book series and have a thirst for suspense? Welcome to the world of the BlackCard. Julian risks it all at the hands of Shady police. Making a living as a postman he encounters a particular Piece of mail that changes his life forever. He quickly realizes his blessing has become a curse and is entangled into a murderous suspenseful movie…..On the other spectrum of things Commercial Real Estate developer Peter Eisenhut has his work cut out as he realizes a lending hand can have a Bloody future as he is in deep debt with the Russian mafia and


This book is free to read on Kindle Unlimited, check out this author’s Amazon page here. If you do read and enjoy please leave him a review. I’m sure he’d love it.

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