Week #1 Male Authors of Colour: ‘The Street Lit Kings’ #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatteruk #amreading

Okay  guys I’m very excited to kick off this week, following on from last Thursday’s announcement 1st -31st July is a full month of promo, across all genres for male authors of colour. Week one…. get ready to meet some male authors of street lit! They hail from all corners of the USA. I’ve read one author on this list I really enjoyed his work, I found it so engaging. I also have a book of another one on my Kindle, and have been drawn to one particular author’s books covers for a while, I’ll give him a try too.   Let’s get to know their style, some fun facts that they have shared and who they are.  In the line up we have: Chris Green, Dekari, Author Rice,  Travis Yancey. This week there will be one post for each of our Street Lit Kings. Don’t miss the chance to get to know them individually, their work, and fun facts about them.


Stree Lit




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