NaNoWriMo Week Three- Hit 40k Words, This Week I’m Done! #nanowrimo


The last push guys, week three is ending tonight, and well I reached just over 40k words and now on the very last chapters  as of Friday. I am pleased this year. It’s been tough going as I have said before, I find that I write large amounts rather than everyday. Some how I have managed to keep up with the target.

My real goal is to just finish book three of the Romance Set In Paradise Series, and I have no doubt I will. I’ve changed the name about three times, and finally settled on ‘Chances A Puerto  Rican Love Affair’. This story is set on this beautiful island.

I’ve also decided that this whole series, both of them I am writing I will self-publish. I want the control, and to call all shots I won’t be handing my work out to publishers. My completed stand-alone work, I will. Sometimes it’s just  nice to have something for yourself if you know what I mean? Next week I will share a preview!

I also took the decision to enroll the series on Kindle Unlimited, so if you are a KU reader you can enjoy it for free. I made the decision after I joined KU as a reader myself. I love it! I have found so many brilliant books via the membership, and find it’s great value for money if you are someone who reads and buys a hella-lota books!

So just a quick check in from me for week three, next week is the final week and I hope the next time I blog, I’ll be done. Good luck all writers still in the challenge.

Let me know how you’re getting on with a comment?



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