March WIP ‘Moonlit Romance’ Writing Challenge! #KDSuspense

Throwback! I loved this challenge.

Didi Oviatt -Author

This is the second time that I’m a big fat cheater, and am using an actual scene from a book rather than writing a fresh one. No it isn’t (just) for advertising purposes, its actually much much much worse! I’m copying a scene because this weekend I’m LAZY!!!! I have a thousand logs in the fire and am struggling to make the time, AND I’d rather not wait and just post it late because all this week I’ll be revealing the cover and giving a little insight for my new release to come, Justice for Belle!!  So yeah, I’m cutting my writing challenge time short to make room for some other bookish shinanigans.

There have been a couple of amazing participants in this month! Written by Kayla on the Yukunerk blog, Laura Beth on Hot Shot Headlines, and one by Kristian over at Life Lessons From Around the…

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