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The Red Room is book one of the Romance In The City novella series, of steamy and romantic standalone short stories.

Rita Lane lives a double life in her day job she’s a receptionist at the prestigious London Park Hotel. By night her adventures begin. As a thirty something year old woman she is content with her single status. Richard Clarkson a New York based guest at the Park Hotel has firmly closed the door to romance, after a rocky marriage. As soon as Rita checks Richard into the hotel as a guest the sparks and electricity between the two begin.

After hours, the day before Valentine’s Day , their paths cross in an unexpected way. Rita and Richard’s desire for each other is on maximum …. will they cross the line to become more than just friends? The Red Room is a steamy short story set in London with diverse characters that will leave you wanting more.

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Excerpt From The Red Room:

“Take a seat. I’ll be with you in a moment.”

Rita glances back at Richard as she heads over to the sound system to select a slow seductive song. Feeling Good by Michael Bublé comes to mind her hand has other ideas, as her finger selects Britney’s hypnotic track Slave 4 U.

Rita takes another glance back at Richard on the sofa, she notices he has a look of lust in his light brown eyes as he sits back confidently without a care in the world. Almost as if he has had this moment planned for some time. I wonder if I’ve been reading him wrong all this time? Trouble is he has sent me mixed signals. One moment I could feel his glances at me when we met on his arrival, and in the conference room over lunch. The next day he gives me the cold shoulder… then there’s today and tonight!

  As the beat of the music kicks in, Rita doesn’t take her eyes off him. She throws back her head, then raises both her arms above her, as she walks sexily over to the centre of the room. She runs her hands down the curves of her body, then grabs the pole. She pauses to look Richard dead in the eye.

I wonder how he found out I work here? For now, she’ll put that thought to the back of her mind. She didn’t feel like dancing tonight, but she has a very special client in the hot seat. A few hours ago before she started work, she fantasised about how she’d spend an evening with Richard– just the two of them in private. With that thought, she forgets the slow, almost romantic routines dancers are encouraged to perform on stage. Club rules at String Fellows Gentlemen’s Club allow dancers to be sexy, but not too provocative— or offensive. British lap dancers sometimes have a reserved way about them, compared to American lap dancers. Rita laughs to herself as she grabs the pole with both hands, then lifts her feet off the ground to execute a perfect spin.

For Richard, tonight, Rita will dance as if no one is looking. As a dancer she’s spent many hours watching YouTube clips of other dancers, showcasing their skills around the world. She’s always been impressed by the freeness and athletic ability of pole dancers across the Atlantic. With Britney in the background, she performs like a dancer at the fully nude gentlemen’s club Magic City in Atlanta, Georgia USA, rather than the reserved String Fellows Gentlemen’s Club of London. My boss will have a fit if he walks in, but Richard is worth the risk.


I hope you enjoy,  thank you for your readership. I’ll crack on writing the next one 🙂

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