Self belief helps

When I wrote my first novel, my main female character put up with an emotionally abusive husband. She made it in the end! I wrote that book with heart and created a great romance. Then I won an award because of these 90,000 words based on this fellow blogger’s reality. I’m reblogging this to my blog as a personal reminder of why I wrote that book, and that really at the end of the day no matter what shit women are dealt we’re warriors . Sometimes it takes a bully to release that warrior… Dig deep Zara she’s there .

Zara Speak

One of the worst things the husband has done over the years is to chip away at my self confidence. I always believed in myself, never needed validation from anyone, was strong, determined, unique, great.

Every argument etched scars through my core. They say words don’t hurt but you hear them enough times, they start to resonate and you start to repeat them in your own mind.

This is the dangerous path. This is where you need to stop yourself and ask where these thoughts originate. What has changed? You? No. Then what? The key factor for me is the husband. It’s him. It’s his words. Not mine.

He told me I was fat. I lost weight and went to the gym more. He told me I was too skinny and would start adding proteins or fats or weight gain powder or pills to my food to fatten me up…

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