Throwback Thursday : 2009 Wow Who Remembers This One? #music #oldskool

The last song I heard on the radio at 2.30 a.m this morning, as I shut down my laptop ready to crawl into bed. I did sing along a lot!  I LOVE this woman for her music and her ability to look forever beautiful, no matter what she wears, whether it’s elegant, or a pair of baggy pants and  crop top.  You know me by now if I  could have been anything other than a writer I would have been a fashion designer and/or a make-up artist. I  admire Gwen’s fashion sense so much. Over the years I have watched her do everything from boho, hippy, street/hip hop and elegant fashion styles with her dress sense.  Her make-up is always so perfect too, and how she manages to keep her abs so washboard flat is also beyond me. I’m slightly envious of these abs! Go Gwen!

This week I’m throwing it back musically to 2009 with this catchy beat from the talented and beautiful  Gwen Stefani.




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