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Book Review: Grave Injustice by Netta Newbound (Psychological Thriller) 2.5 Stars.



Thank you to Enchanted Book Promotion for the ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

About the Book

Title: Grave Injustice

Author: Netta Newbound

Genre: Psychological Thriller


Geri and James return in their most explosive adventure to date.

When next door neighbour, Lydia, gives birth to her second healthy baby boy, James and Geri pray their friend can finally be happy and at peace. But, little do they know Lydia’s troubles are far from over.

Meanwhile, Geri is researching several historic, unsolved murders for James’ new book. She discovers one of the prime suspects now resides in Spring Pines Retirement Village, the scene of not one, but two recent killings.

Although the police reject the theory, Geri is convinced the cold case they’re researching is linked to the recent murders. But how? Will she regret delving so deeply into the past?

My Honest Review:

I looked at the cover and said YES this looks like my kind of read, I read the blurb and was convinced it would be a true psychological  thriller, that I’d love every part of. It started out as a page turner, I could not put it down. The writing was easy to read, and follow.  These are the positives and things I loved. The actual idea is a good idea  for the plot. So why did I end up only able to review it with 2.5 stars?…

  • Some parts unrealistic-police investigation (or lack of), for a novel with a lot of crime in. Also the characters and their actions I questioned as realistic.
  • I predicted all the who-dun-it, suicide, and ending. I saw it before it happened.
  • The characters I found underdeveloped for psychos/a bit loopy/ with issues. The   murder investigators themselves I found not that developed for a 300 odd page novel.
  • I found plot gaps * bites lips*.  And unanswered questions.

Arrrgggh!! I was convinced I’d love the bones off this book, this has “Kim’s read” written all over it, the genre, the story line, the cover, and you know what I love the IDEA, it was how it was delivered in the story telling. I don’t hate it at all, I still love the IDEA I just wish it was not so easy to see what’s coming and it had more development and “umph.” Some parts left me with the above issues, this brought my reading experience down. That’s why I could not love it all, and rate it higher. I’ll break down the main points above in my own personal honest reading experience.


Geri and her partner are investigating old unsolved cases of murder in their town, to use for research for the book Geri’s partner is writing on true crime cases. As I was reading they didn’t  come across as characters with this mission. They got way too close to the suspects. Invites to weddings/bridesmaids, coffee dates etc. While this closeness  may have been needed for the story to unfold how it did while reading (no spoilers), if the writing developed or showed that this “closeness” was not really  enjoyable or naive to what it really should have been for- to solve the cases, it may have seemed more realistic to me.  I found while reading that this turned from a page turning murder investigation and thriller/suspense story, to a friendly couple getting to know old people down the road. A relationship  or growing friendship played out, not balanced with suspicion or intrigue, to throw me the reader some shade, or make me feel on my toes while reading. It was too “nice.” The characters Geri and her partner never really had much of a POV on the cases or suspects, to me  there was little focus on their findings as I read, it was mainly a POV of “oh what nice people they are, let’s get to know them and go for a coffee they can’t be suspects.” The story lost its edge, thrill and gritty feeling. With  no real POV from Geri or James it made it hard for me to also understand if they were serious about finding the truth or not. They were after all trying to objectively decide if they have the right suspects.

My second issue around the reality in the plot was Lydia, as an ex-alcoholic when her sister Candice spiked her orange juice with enough vodka to get her so drunk ,she could not remember her behaviour, I found this not close to reality- the reaction from Lydia in this scene. I thought about it as I read and felt,  if this did happen  she took a sip of  a drink laced with vodka ( a lot she got drunk),  would she not taste it? Would suspicion not arise from Lydia about the drink? Or one of two things might be the outcome once she tasted it 1. she spits it out and does not touch it. Vodka is a high % spirit you’d taste it and notice, would you then drink it all as a breast feeding mother? You’d know it’s laced. 2. okay let’s say she decided to drink it, I doubt the next morning after she was found drunk that she’d deny drinking anything. A drink laced with that much vodka to get you drunk you would have known it’s laced you can’t deny it, how can you say ” I drunk some orange juice  from the fridge and don’t know what happened” …. the taste of it would be way too harsh to not notice if you got that drunk. I was a bit like huh?? That’s a lot of vodka to get you that drunk how can you not know. Then Geri and James’ reaction also was just brushed over.

My other issue around reality was the police investigations- lack of for a story with such a big element of crime- murder / or even GBH . Without giving too much away.  There is a scene where Lydia’s sister Candice is almost murdered by someone else, and Geri is really badly battered by Candice. Candice and Geri really went at it …..where were the police to investigate exactly what happened once all the drama was over? Why was Geri discharged from hospital without being questioned about what happened? What about Lydia also, and Mad Thomas ??  And what happened to Candice?? After this major event with very little police involvement we never heard from her again. Was she alive or dead? Did she get convicted of anything?  As I read  with all these questions over this major scene toward the end of the book, it made me feel things have been brushed over and not developed.

My last area of reality  as a issue is the ending, when the who-dun-it is told,  the police decide to “let it be.”  And so do Geri and James. I imagine that any police force in the UK , with a clear idea of  who a historical serial killer is now,  would not “let it be.” Even if  the reputation of the police for missing key things in the original investigation  might  be tarnished. Look at Jimmy Savell’s  famous “unsolved case of child abuse”  in the UK  he died, but had a case to answer and it  was still investigated. Just like the character in this book who was guilty but dead. Would the police destroy evidence? Knowing that there are two other people (Geri and James) aware that they have done this? I found it too hard to take in, matched with reality of police involvement in murder.   Also the whole point of Geri and her partner investigating the unsolved murders… for the book  on true crime is then disowned. They decide not to write it now they know the truth, as they can’t bring themselves to. Why? Because they were too close to suspect and “really liked him.”*Sighs.*  I think for me as a reader too many unanswered questions, plot gaps around the crime, and reality made me gravitate to the star rating I ended up with.

Character Development:

For me I think as a reader this is also one of the major reasons why I settled in the end on 2.5 stars, as well as the above reality issue, and the fact that I predicted all the who-dun-it.   Geri and James (her partner) came across as a middle classed family getting to know a group of old people at the local home. Not crime investigators.  While I was reading they had  no real personal POV, to show me as a reader inside their head or motives. It was mainly “no I don’t think it’s him, because he is a nice person we’ve got to know him.”

Candice, now this character murdered Lydia’s husband and their son before she disappeared. I won’t add spoilers on how etc. She then came back to torment Lydia and was hidden inside Lydia’s house! She did some real sick things on her return and in the past …. but I never heard her POV or inside her head. It was mainly “Candice wet herself laughing as she watched Lydia’s reaction.” as narration.  Candice came across as a prankster little sister, not a cold blooded person, with serious issues capable of murder of not just two but potentially three people if you include Geri. Her POV is minimal and she plays such a big part of the whole story. I think the writer could have “stepped in her shoes” more to bring her to life Candice to me may have come across as more powerful. As she is very powerful in the story line…. the delivery of it I would have loved.

The actual murderer of the historic cases : I won’t say who it is, but this character  also  is underdeveloped, there was a great chance develop them after death! Especially in the diary entries the murder wrote,that James found. Which we readers don’t get to read to hear the killer’s POV , at the time of the murders what his real motives were etc. Just brushed over again.

The verdict:

Overall, after thinking about this novel a lot,  I settled on just 2.5 stars because while there was almost 300 pages of  writing (mostly  good and enjoyable to start off with), it’s underdeveloped for the story line to pop. I did not feel that true gritty, faced paced, on my toes feeling this genre of books tends to give me as a reader.  It started out that way which is really sad then lost the edge. I also predicted the whole plot due to the lack of flesh, there were no red herrings  that threw me as a reader off,  or an element of surprise. This novel is  straight forward the suspects are handed to you, I worked it out. Lastly, there was ( for me as massive lover of this genre) major plot gaps around the police involvement, in such serious crimes like murder. I almost feel like if the author ever did a  re-draft, I’d read again because I am sure…no I’m positive  I’d love this story if a few gaps were fixed and characters more powerful. And this is why I settled on 2.5 stars.

Author Bio


Netta Newbound is the author of twelve popular thriller novels/novellas to date including the Adam Stanley Thriller Series and the Cold Case Files. Her debut psychological thriller, An Impossible Dilemma, shot up the charts in 2015 in both the UK and US reaching #1 in several thriller and horror categories. This rapid success gained Netta a name for herself in the thriller genre. The Watcher, another of her bestsellers that reached the top 20 in the Amazon chart, was published through Bloodhound Books, who will also publish her next book, Maggie, in October 2017.

Originally from Manchester, England, Netta has travelled extensively and has lived and worked in a variety of exciting places. She now lives in New Zealand with her husband. They have three grown up children and four grandchildren.





Grave Injustice

Book Review: Is Love Enough by Taryn Steele (Contemporary Romance) 3*

Taryn S

About the Book

Title: Is Love Enough

Author: Taryn Steele

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Hillary thought her marriage was bright and full of life but after a devastating miscarriage and a manipulative mother-in-law, the magic Hillary and Jameson once had is starting to crumble.

Their eight year old daughter, Maryn, begs to have a Twitter account just so she can follow her favorite pop star Justin Bieber. After much consideration and debate Hillary sets up an account, but what Hillary never counted on was finding Derek. A man who seems to understand her better than her husband.

Is Jameson’s love enough to save his marriage once Derek is revealed? Or will it be too much and too late for Hillary?

My  Review:

Thank you to Enchanted Book Promotions for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. Hmmm this was an interesting story,  it highlights a lot of what couples go through in a very realistic way.  What happens when the love fades away? Do you seek and look outside the relationship? Consider  an open marriage? Therapy? Or call it a day? This is what I enjoyed as I was reading, it felt like a good dose of reality playing out. I was engaged, felt like I could connect well with Hillary due to some of her likes, and who she is as a woman. Hilary came across as a very modern woman. All be it, a little unsure of herself as she did not ooze confidence, as a reader it led me to believe this is partly why she entertains Derek.

There is a bit of a twist to this story in terms of who and what Derek is, I don’t like spoilers so I’ll keep quiet about that! It was entertaining to see this twist and also unexpected, I enjoyed the twist.

What would have been nice is to hear the point of view of Jameson (Hilary’s husband), as he plays such a big part in the couple’s reality. And to flesh out what happened with the dramatic  ending with Derek, that could have been great reading! Not to mention Derek’s wife and the contact she mades… woah! So much drama could be added.

Overall I’m giving Is Love Enough 3* as it’s a quick short read, engaging and told in first person. Therefore you get up close to Hilary. It was enjoyable mostly to read, there were some gripping parts and it touches on reality. However it could have been fleshed out with Jameson’s POV, he had a part to play in why he and Hilary ended up as a couple where they did. And Derek’s dramatic ending etc…. But it’s an enjoyable story.




Author Bio

By day, Taryn is a dedicated wife and mother who works full time. By night, she continues her wife and mother duties, while plugging away at the keyboard to bring her stories and characters to life.
Taryn is an avid reader. If a story sucks her in she will stay up all hours of the night to finish it. Her favorite part of reading is when her rescue dog Ruby curls up with her.
Taryn is a big sports fan. Being a New Englander all of her life her heart belongs to the Boston Red Sox. When it comes to hockey, she follows her husband’s family and supports the Montreal Canadiens.
If you have a love/hate relationship with coffee, wine or beer like Taryn she will instantly befriend you.








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Didi Oviatt’s Amazon Books in a Nutshell #AwesomeAmazonAuthors Enter To Win $25 #giftcard

Didi Oviatt

Hey there book nerds, and instagramie-grammers!!  I hope you’re ready for round three of the “easiest giveaway ever” with the #AwesomeAmazonAuthors! This entire week we’re taking Instagram by the horns. All you have to do is follow us on Instagram for your chance to win – it’s that easy! Each day we’ve taken turns with a post to share about our books and/or favorite Instagram photos!

Today as my day, I’ll introduce myself and give a little bit of information on a few of my books as they show on Amazon!  Enjoy!



Didi Oviatt is an intuitive soul. She’s a wife and mother first, with one son and one daughter. Her  thirst to write was developed at an early age, and she never looked back. After digging down deep and getting in touch with her literary self, she’s writing mystery/thrillers like Search For Maylee, Aggravated Momentum, The Stix, and New…

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*Review: The Suspenseful Collection Volume 1 by Kim Knight and Didi Oviatt*

Hold on to your panties Dani… Volume #2 coming your way. Thanks for the great review!

Touch My Spine Book Reviews

The Suspenseful Collection was made of eight short stories. The two authors who created this suspenseful book are fellow bloggers and do amazing collaborations together! What’s even more awesome is these two ladies created these suspenseful short stories without any disscusion and/or preplanning, one author starts the story and the other author finishes! I loved this concept and loved how they created these page turners on the opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. This book has a story for whatever genre you are craving. The Suspenseful Collection brings you variety and page turning suspense!

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars! With this book I couldn’t even tell there were two different authors writing each story. The erotica in this story had me like”Lawsy me.. Yummy” I liked that it was more on the kinky side and enjoyed the girl on girl action. These stories took me on…

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Book Review: Black & White by Ben Burgess (Crime/Mystery) 5+ Stars PAGE TURNER! #amreading

Black and white

About the Book

Title: Black and White

Author: Ben Burgess Jr

Genre: Contemporary

When the prestigious law firm of Wayne, Rothstein, and Lincoln catches two major cases—a rape case where a White NBA star allegedly raped a Black stripper, and a murder case where a Black rapper allegedly killed a gay couple and two policemen—Bill O’Neil and Ben Turner are tasked to handle these racially charged litigations. The cases hit emotional chords with the two lawyers and force them to reckon with their interracial relationships and families. Will the racial tension of their cases destroy them or make them stronger?

My Honest Review

Thank you to Enchanted Book Promotions for an ARC in exchange for an honest review! God damn, you ever come across an author’s work, and be so thankful you found their book? Have you ever connected right from the first page? That’s how I feel about this book.  PAGE TURNER ALERT PEOPLE!!

You know me, I don’t like spoilers but the main character’s POV’s are told in first person (a winner with me already,  I can really get up close to them), Ben as a black male in the USA has a lot to deal with, he is a well achieved man, but no one seems to be able to see past the colour of his skin in the corporate world. This builds tension as you read and you really feel Ben’s pain and questions about himself. On the other hand he is not “black enough” for his community, especially the rapper he is defending. There’s push and pull which is great to see play out.  They are both black men facing the same issues in the same world, but from totally different backgrounds. It made me think a lot about the world.

Bill, is not your average middle class white man, his background is a lot worse off than Ben’s and hides this well from his co-workers who assume he is “one of them.”

The relationships these men have with women of different races to their own,  (Ebony and Becky) really highlights the drama that interracial couples face, even in this day and age from both sides of the community-black and white.Their partners they are with are also relate-able women, and they are written so well! The female POV’s and feelings seem real.

I’m giving Black & White 5+ stars as it’s a damn good read, I read all 300 odd pages in about no more than three days. It would have been sooner if I never had deadlines of my own. I love the bones off it. It made me look at the world in a different light, consider how different races really feel about each other, and wonder what the world will be like for my own son when I’m gone.This novel is extremely well written, I mean impeccable in every way from the use of English, to the delivery of the story line. It’s gritty, hard hitting, fast paced, raw and most importantly realistic.  There is a great dose of drama that will have you turning pages, and wanting more. The ending is very satisfying too. I connected with all of the main characters, even the very racist ones, I did not like them but I connected  because the author has a way of writing a very deep POV. It’s clear that Ben Burgess is able to step into the shoes of his characters, bring them to life and portray them well no matter how opposite from him they are. Man, or woman black or white every character came across as authentic and believable. A sign of a really talented writer. I recommend Black & White to everyone who enjoys a good dose of crime fiction, suspense, court room action and some romance.  This is a must read book, by a very talented writer. I have all of his books on my kindle now ready to read! Great job Ben I am a true fan.

Black and white book

Author Bio


Ben Burgess Jr is the author of the award-winning novels “Monster,” “Wounded,” “Love and Happiness,” ” Daddy’s Girl,” and the new novel “Black and White.” He is an active performer of spoken word poetry. Ben Burgess Jr uses his love of writing to inspire and influence youths to strive for what they believe in and to never give up on their dreams. His novels “Monster” and “Wounded” are currently used in schools on the lower east side of Manhattan. Ben Burgess has a BA degree in Business Management and an MA degree in Educational Leadership. He is the proud father of his daughters Jaelynn and Jaclyn and he is active in trying to improve urban neighborhoods and communities.




Thank You! My Novel Is In The Final For The Award: “Best Romance Novel 2017” I Need Your Votes Again.


I have literally just touched down in the south of France, and got an email from Visual Fantasy Con Awards say A Stranger In France had enough votes, and made the final! THANK YOU if you voted in the last round to determine the finalists. So now that this award “Best romance 2017” is within reach, I need you now more than ever!  And it’s war!  🙂 If you voted last week I’d love another one. Taking place on Facebook. Open for one week from today.


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5 Fun Facts - Úlfrinn series #15 Fun Facts - Úlfrinn series #25 Fun Facts - Úlfrinn series #35 Fun Facts - Úlfrinn series #45 Fun Facts - Úlfrinn series #5

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Kim’s Going To War For The Title!! Best Romance 2017… Who Is With Me?

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As you know A Stranger In France has been nominated for the award “Best Romance  Novel 2017” by Visual Fantasy Con Awards Body. I’m in battle, votes close Thursday the top three voted titles make the final to do battle again. I’ve been sitting pretty in second place since the votes opened now…..

I’m going to war in the last few days! LOL I’m ready for battle.

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