Book Excerpt: Denai Storm by Tiffany Shand – Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy #amreading #romance

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About the Book

Title: Denai Storm

Author: Tiffany Shand

Genre: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance

After her husband, Jason is kidnapped, Denai witch Cate McCray will stop at nothing to get him back. Along with her team of enforcers, Cate and her allies venture into the country of Setara to find Jason and bring him home.

But going into the heart of the Covenant’s territory comes with its own risks and saving Jason could have dangerous repercussions. Back at home, the team faces a killer lurking on the streets of their city. What kind of new enemy have the Covenant sent after them now, and what price will they all have to pay for going up against them?

Author Bio


Tiffany Shand started writing short stories when she was a child. She has always done writing in one form or another and started writing novels in her early teens.

Tiffany loves to read books and discovered her love for fantasy and paranormal romance.  She writes both non-fiction and fiction, and love helping writers to build their author platforms.

After doing a creative writing course in her early 20s, she is now a freelance writer and professional editor.

Tiffany lives in Essex with her two spoiled cats and one very nutty hamster.

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Book Excerpt

She closed her eyes, and all at once felt pain tear through her. Heat like a thousand knives tore into her body. She looked up and saw Vicus’s dark gaze staring down at her and knew at once it was Jason’s pain she’d sensed. Silver flashed as a knife came down, ripping through flesh and bone as it tore into his chest.

Cate gasped, feeling the cold metal rip through Jason’s abdomen, but it was nothing compared to the agony tearing into her soul. Pain tore into her, darkness threatened to swallow her up and take her away. She sank to her knees, curling up into a ball as maelstrom of power flooded through her. The shadowy spectre of death lurked at the edge of her mind, but instead something within her snapped.

The pain and emptiness were replaced by anger. White hot fire burned through her veins as the witch, the fey, the Phoenix and her newly adopted Nuardan self, screamed for vengeance. The seven-pointed star birthmark on her wrist illuminated with light as energy surged through her like a storm. The building around them blew apart in burst of wood and stone, sending dust everywhere. Power so strong it threatened to overwhelm her. Her sapphire blue eyes bled black as rage and power began to merge together.

Her body convulsed under the pressure of this new force, the ground beneath her trembled sending Alva and Steve falling backwards; but Cate no longer noticed them. More pain followed flowing hot with a river of rage. On some level, she felt what happened but no longer cared. The sky above them turned black as pitch, the sun being swallowed whole as lightning flashed around her. Blades of grass and grains of dirt swept away from the force.

“Oh, goddess,” Alva breathed. “What’s wrong, Cate?”

But Cate barely heard her. Jason was gone. She should be with him as despair washed over her. But first there was vengeance. Vicus and whoever had hurt him had to pay.

“What’s happening?” Marta asked, wide eyed.

“Help!” Alva called to the others.

Jalen and Steve scrambled up with concerned looks on their faces. Cate rose to her feet. She felt stronger than ever, feeling power flow through her like electricity.

“What’s happening?” Alva cried.

“It’s the blood rage.” Drake pulled free of his chains. “Stay away from her. She’ll kill us all.”

“But that’s not possible. The blood rage was outlawed by the coven centuries ago,” said Charlie, as Drake pulled her behind him.

“What is it?” asked Jalen. “What’s wrong with her?”

“Blood rage is where a Denai gives into the dark side of her gift. It’s an uncontrollable force where the witch gives into her power and the power takes control of her. It can only be brought on when the witch loses someone they love,” Charlie explained, pushing in front of Drake. “Seline told me about it. It shouldn’t be possible. The magic was outlawed a long time ago, and it can only be taught by another Denai.”


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