You’re so welcome Jina, welcome to the family.

Jina S. Bazzar

Hello Everyone!

I’ve landed a job with Conscious Talk Magazine(CTM)

Conscious Talk Magazine

Isn’t that great?

I’ve just signed a contract with Conscious Talk Magazine and am now, officially, a magazine writer. I will be writing in the ‘Writer’s life’ column and in the ‘Health and well being’ column.

Thank you, Kim Knight, for this wonderful opportunity.

I have been unemployed for the past  six years, but to be fair, I’ve only just started searching for something, now that my youngest has turned three.

But wait, there are still openings. Want to become a writer for Conscious Talk Magazine? Check the recruitment banner below and get in touch with Kim, our chief editor.

recruitment banner

The first edition will be launched on August 30th. Don’t forget to come and check it out. I’ll be sending out links to remind you all!

Like us on Facebook: @conscioustalkmag

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