Another 5* Review on Inkitt… Thank You Reader! I Love You All! #amreading #romance #giveaway

*Sighs a very humble sigh and shakes her head*… I don’t know what to say. I’m so grateful for every reader, and review. Be it positive or negative review, yes  I even love the haters, they motivate me :).  When I wrote Havana Heat, I gave it heart I got caught up in the storytelling, romance and most importantly the drama!  There’s a intense story in this one, with a diverse character line up. You’re transported to Havana!  As a massive reader of romance myself, I know we all love a good dose of drama. Seems like I delivered from feedback on Havana Heat. Thank you for your feedback and readership dear reader, without you I’m nothing!

Cool book.

Cool book. I liked the author’s style. I suggest that you check it out. There is magic in these pages.



 Wanna “check me out” as this reader says? .99p / .99$ on Amazon until 31st July! Or if you want a free copy ( cos I’m in a good mood like), send me a message here I’ll gift you an Amazon copy. I’ve got a few left to giveaway!

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