By Chance – A Supernatural Thriller by E. Denise Billups

Preview! From author E. Demise Billups.

E. Denise Billups, Author

BY CHANCE NEW COVER SUNDAY MEDIUM 4 8-16-2015 Supernatural Thriller

The Shushing

January 10, 2015, McPherson Home

Nyla knows her daughter will visit today. She saw this moment long before Tara’s troubles started. For thirty-eight years, and before Tara was born, Nyla has been waiting for this day. With the onset of the girl’s troubles, she realizes Tara will have no choice but to embrace her gift of precognition. The aroma of blueberry cobbler fills the home, Tara’s favorite treat. Nyla hopes the bittersweet dessert will soothe her fear. If not, a chilled bottle of red wine is ready on the dining room table.

Nyla recalls the intensity of her dreams and visions while carrying Tara during her pregnancy. The images were so vivid and precise, she feared for her unborn daughter. She was so fearful, she avoided touching her swollen belly. With each touch, the visions became clearer and clearer. She’s seen the exact date and time…

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