Oh, So Brassy

Excerpt from author E.Denise Billups’ suspense novel…

E. Denise Billups, Author

Book 3 -A Blog Affair 1-31-2017

A Segment of A Blog Affair – A Suspense Novel Coming Summer 2017

So Patrice was raised by scholars. And I deliberate parenting skills applied to affect the brazen woman I’d met. Were the Jensen’s artsy, liberal types, allowing Patrice many freedoms or strict authoritarian scholars, with rigid control of their daughter’s life? Either style could conceivably mold audacious Patrice. After all, freedom and rebellion stem from the same root. My mind recalls words of Albert Camus. The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free, that your very existence is an act of rebellion. Patrice either had too much or too little parental control.Her brassypersona was exerted either to attract or repel attention. Nevertheless, she was a rebel undaunted by peer’s opinions of her overt sexuality . . . Undaunted . . .  Was her blog title another act of defiance? Mrs…

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