Romance Set in Paradise Book #2: Two Chapter Preview. Released June 2017. #areading #romance #freebie #amwriting


Released June 2017

I’m really pleased to share this with you all, the first two chapters of Lover’s Retreat. All the stories in the Romance Set in Paradise series are stand alone, all set in the back drop of paradise in some exotic location in the world. Lover’s Retreat is set in Sri Lanka, yes, there’s suspense and drama, as well as romance. A reader gave me a wonderful idea the other day, to continue Melinda and Sebastian’s story from Havana Heat book #1… I might just do that! Thanks for the idea glad to know you’d like more of those two.  But for now here is Lover’s Retreat.

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Click below to read the first two chapters.

Two Chapter Preview Lovers Retreat by Kim Knight

Book Blurb:

Lover’s Retreat is book #2 of the Romance Set in Paradise Series of modern,steamy, suspenseful and romantic stories, set in exotic locations around the world. For thirty seven year old recluse Yasmin O’Neil, life feels like one crisis after another. Her husband left her five years ago, she starts to suspect she’s losing her hearing and then her mother is diagnosed with Cancer. When her mother passes away her fortune changes, Yasmin is fifty thousand pounds richer from her mother’s estate. She takes her fate into her own hands after years of  being a recluse, she rediscovers herself at a spiritual self development retreat in Sri Lanka south Asia, before she plans to spend the next six months travelling around the world.  In Sri Lanka, Yasmin’s path crosses with Michael Thomas, an army soldier on his own path of self discovery.  With their luke warm initial encounter the pair don’t hit it off straight away. After some push and pull the two are finally on the same page. Their encounter turns from luke warm to sizzling hot.

In Lover’s Retreat two very different characters originally on different paths, embrace the need for change and companionship. Set in the back drop of paradise, palm trees and untouched nature of Sri Lanka, these two lonely souls gain more than just self discovery they gain a soul mate.

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