“Every time I hear that voice from my basement” Wk 2 #kdsuspense

Tuesday is now my favourite day of the week.. Take a look at this week’s story using the prompt you all voted for. Let us know what you think of this guy we created. What’s scary for me is, I read our stories back and it never reads (to me) like one author picked up where the other left off.. freaky! Who wrote what? And write your own story then link to our posts, we’d love to see them. Tomorrow I’ll be in the driver’s seat with the voting poll for next week’s story.

Didi Oviatt -Author

You chose it, we wrote it!!

It’s week two of Kim and I writing short stories based on a voted in prompt winner! I absolutely love writing with Kim! Our style really seems to sync. I’ll bet you can’t tell who wrote what! (really though, we’d love to see you try)  Also, feel free to write your own stories with the prompt and either comment with our own link or you can always link us in! In the mean time, here is our story of the week. There is more information of our weekly challenge at the bottom of the post.


“Every time I hear that voice from my basement”

I see her face everywhere, and I have done for a full year now. Today’s no different, it’s actually worse – much worse. This morning marked the anniversary of Anna’s disappearance. It also marked the anniversary of the two…

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2 thoughts on ““Every time I hear that voice from my basement” Wk 2 #kdsuspense

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