Let Me Tell You A Tale….. 1 hour left to vote. One writing prompt is in the lead ! #amwriting #suspense #writerslife


Okay people, this is it! The voting for the first ever Let Me Tell You A Tale duo writing prompt response is coming to an end. We have one prompt in the lead… “It was the first time I killed a man.” Didi and I are beside ourselves with excitement over this prompt, it’s every suspense writers dream… so thank you for voting. All comment votes or poll votes will be counted. If you want to get involved and give your view then vote…. now this first voting poll is working on London time, and will close at midnight so Didi and I can set to work, ready for Tuesday’s post.  Leave a comment or head to the poll here

The next poll will be on USA time when Didi is in the driver’s seat.We’ll take turns across the Atlantic so that no matter where you are in the world voting you’ll get in on time!

Good night from London,



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