5 Things Authors Wish Readers Knew

Magic. I could not have said it better myself.

Allison Maruska

When I was just a reader, meaning I didn’t create my own word babies, I didn’t have a clue what went into making books or how my being a reader mattered to anyone. Now that I’m on both sides of the fence, the picture is much clearer – and I try to be a “better” reader to my fellow authors as a result.

author quoteBefore I dig into the list, I want to say I didn’t write this post to guilt anyone into doing anything. It’s simply a matter of we don’t know what we don’t know until someone tells us – like how much doctors love it when we come to appointments armed with all of our expert Google research (spoiler alert: they hate it. Turns out going to medical school is more involved than an afternoon of interwebbing).

So without further ado, behold as I dish out the super secretive authory…

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