10 Reasons Why I Use the Word “Fuck”

I just have to say I adore this blogger he is so real, so funny and a bit brash but I like honesty in a person and with Jason you get that. I stumbled across this what he wrote as I’m taking a break from writing it’s almost 1.00am London time and needed some head space. Anyway, I can relate to this post as I just did an honest blog in which I did use the word FUCK and wondered to myself … I hope I don’t offend anyone then I read points three and five of Jason’s post and cracked up behind my PC I can relate to that! I had to share this. Also I too an thirty four years old! Good point Jason.

HarsH ReaLiTy

1. Things move faster when you yell the word “Fuck” at them. “Fucking move” works best obviously.

2. Because the word “motherfucker” has too many syllables in it and takes too long to say.

3. People have been telling me since the age of 6 not to use this word. Well fuck them!

4. The word “shit” lost its harshness years ago.

5. It still amazes me how a singular word can offend so many people just by its existence. I feel like all the Fucks in this world deserve my support now.

6. After I received my first farewell letter from a subscriber due to my language I knew I could never break up with the word Fuck ever again. Using it just makes my job easier.

7. I love words that have multiple uses.

8. I love this word when it is used as a verb.

9. I…

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