Cover Reveal: Code Redhead- A Serial Novel#amwriting #romance #amreading #charity


Evening guys!

Hello from a dark, grey, rainy  and windy London.  I’m in a very good mood, more than I was already, it’s been a great indoor day.My two year old son and I did a day of indoors  arts and crafts and Disney movie re-runs, as the weather is terrible.I’m still in my pyjamas  :), don’t worry I’ve brushed my teeth and washed my face.  He has fallen asleep so it’s time to write. Just as I was about to get started, good news just popped up in my inbox from my publisher, here I’d like to reveal the cover of the book of anthology  short stories that I’m currently writing for, for the  cancer research  standup2cancer project over in the USA. Isn’t it fantastic? I really like it, when I saw it my jaw really did drop and a thought damn I need to rework my story, this book cover screams sexy,modern,and no where heartwarming and sweet! 

So those of you who voted or left me a comment and said go for a romantic story with a touch of thrill and suspense rather than a general thriller story- you’ve got your wish! This book cover (to me) does not say  sweet, cardigans and low flat sensible walking shoes at all. What does it scream to you? If you’d like to know more about the project and how the money raised will be spent click here ….. I better get writing I got me a deadline to meet and a story to re-work.

Have a great evening. 



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