Writing Prompt: Mr D’Coix Will Make You Shiver


For today’s WordPress writing prompt ”shiver” I want to introduce to you Mr Nicholas D’Coix , one of the male characters in A Stranger in France. Nicholas is of west African decent- La Côte d’Ivoire  or Ivory Coast in English. He arrived in Paris aged 15 from the Ivory Coast and made his way in the world, from a simple hustler and money maker to a big time baller and now one of Paris’ top 3 entrepreneurs.

 There are so many reasons (that I hope) Nicholas will make the ladies shiver with excitement and even drool a little, I know I did when I was writing him  … I won’t give them all away, but visually he’s a treat! Six-foot -two inches, with a powerful athletic build, deep chocolate coloured skin, large brown eyes, long eye lashes, shaved head and a neat beard bordering his jaw -line. Ladies , Mr D’Coix is our eye candy! He’s a sharp dresser  with more Armani suits than you can count, and when he’s dressed down you’ll find him in a nice pair of fitted jeans, a crisp T-shirt showing off his gorgeous physic and on his feet a  cool pair of old school Nike trainers, or Gucci loafers. 

Nicholas is into Kate, like really into her. He falls hard and fast. Here’s and excerpt from A Stranger in France from Nicholas’ point of view after his first date with Kate.

Standing in the romantic candlelit garden, in the chilly night air Nicholas smiles to himself. What a woman he thinks. It has been years since he had actually felt a connection mentally with a woman as well as physically. It wasn’t just Kate’s looks that made him start to fall. Her height, curvy figure, slim legs, soft brown skin and wild dark curls. She’s smart, educated and has a career of her own. Over the years since he arrived in Marseille in his yearly twenties he struggled to find everything -brains and beauty- in a woman. At thirty six he is still searching.

 With the waves crashing in the background and smell of sea salt in the air he breathes heavily. A clear erection in his pants. He had to cool off before he went inside, there is no way his staff can see him so hot under the collar. Turning his thoughts to business, the following week he is due to make a business trip to Paris for three days. He wondered if Kate will join him. He’d ask her, or would that be too much too soon? He battles internally with the exciting thought of spending three days and more importantly two nights with this sensual lady and the possibility that he is being too forward with his request for company. No, he’d ask her to come by the club later that week or may be for another meal and then he’d make his move. Slow and steady wins the race he reminds himself.

“Ready when you are.” Kate’s voice interrupts Nicholas’ fantasy he spins around, taking her in from head to toe. That purple dress, the killer heels and big hair he smiles and grabs her hand. “Let’s go.”


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