Reflection #2: Book#2 Proposal Submitted!


I’ve had a few days off from the day job and I’ve been full of creative beans since I submitted my completed manuscript, for my #1 novel due out in September. After some late night grindin’ I got to work on novel #2 well novella #2 I should say. If you read my last blog post following my manuscript submission, you’ll know that I have a handful of ideas across both crime and romance/suspense genres.

I went with the romance genre as I’ve been feeling in a feel good mood, I’m almost 10,00 words in  with this story. Today (just now) I submitted a query letter, sample chapters and book synopsis for my work to my publisher. I  have to remind myself about the time delay! The state in the USA my publisher is based in are like 7 hours behind London time, and it’s a holiday being the 4th of July so I impatiently await a response ( probably in a few weeks or so to be realistic) with fingers and toes crossed that my proposal is accepted.

From discussions with my publisher regarding a second project  potential Christmas/December release date is on the cards! Just 3 months after the release of my 1st novel. I’m excited, nervous and full of creative beans.

My creativity has largely been pushed by passion my for writing and the genres I write in obviously, but also completing in the word prompt responses by WordPress and also the wonderful blogger I discovered MiracleGirl all the way over in India. If you’ve not discovered her blog you really need to take a look, if you enjoy writing challenges and lots of interesting pictures to use as writing prompts. She has a lovely blog going on there and I really wish her well with it as it has inspired me to write. I also have a book with 365 writing prompts one for each day of the year that I will be making use of in between writing novella #2.

So what have I learned on this journey thus far? I know I have a LONG way to go and things are just starting, but I’ve learned:

  • Writing has taken over my life in between everything else, whenever I get a chance I’m behind my lap top!
  • The WordPress community is a great one.
  • My most creative time is late at night.
  • Editing can be a b*tch! Slow and painful the first time you self edit, as it’s hard to chop your work up and the paranoid state over typos and tense slow me down.
  • It’s nothing to do with fame and fortune (all though every published author would not turn their nose up at this) it’s about the love of word and getting the stories out my head and on paper.
  • Sometimes in life, one door closes in one area of your life and it can be the making of you, seriously. Pushing and fuelling you to keep going  in other areas and open up other doors, you never had as a goal or even thought would be possible.
  • Never NEVER give up! Dream big, work hard, keep grindin’ it pays.


Have a great day!




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