Autonomy: Writing Prompt Response




With the UK’s recent exit from the EU and the 4th July celebrations taking place in the USA, a lot could be said about the word autonomy, and freedom. I’m going to interpret today’s word prompt response from a personal more individual view  first ,as opposed to freedom and autonomy for the masses in the UK .

To me, I love freedom whether it be financial freedom which I guess we’re all really wishing for some day, to not have to work for someone else. Do our own thing and be our own boss. I also love freedom as a person, to be who you are and be you regardless of what others say or do. Over the years I have learned what oppression can do to one’s mind and emotions if you are subjected to it. In any sense, if your freedom or autonomy is cut off it can be very damaging for you emotionally and stunt your growth as a person. 

Sometimes, it takes a while to realise or learn that you’re a victim of oppression from someone or something else. The day job, the boss, a friend, family member, partner who or whatever can oppress  us as individuals in a negative way, without even realising at first as it’s not something you’re always on the look out for. It’s important to realise the signs of it early and break away from it, or raise it with your oppressor so he/she/they/it can correct their way of dealing with you.It’s like a form of bullying to cut off someone’s autonomy and freedom in any way shape or form, in my personal view. Bullying has never been and will never be a cool thing to do.

So, our current leader in the UK gave us our freedom and autonomy to decide how we should govern ourselves, the UK voted (50 odd % only) to exit the EU as members. Hummm well I was in the 48% who wanted to stay and I’m not ashamed to say it. The leave side I guess felt their autonomy has been removed with membership of the EU over the years. And I guess  the vote was a right thing to do to see what the masses really thought.

In my mind I can’t help but wonder if our need for autonomy and freedom reflected in the vote is really worth walking into the unknown with an exit, as we are literally walking into the unknown we have no idea who are new leader will be now the current one has resigned over the result of the vote, we have no idea how our FREEDOM and AUTONOMY to move around within the EU as individuals will be impacted on, now we have made and exit, and one thing that has always worried me is what about the human rights laws that we get from with in the EU things like maternity leave, employment law rights etc many of these basic human rights come from within the EU… I guess time will tell as the country takes shape post exit. I prey that the want and need for autonomy was not an opportunity cost for us, in a sense that we lose out in the long term.  What I noticed is one side  has gained their freedom and autonomy back with an exit, and the other camp have lost their freedom and autonomy to move around within the EU as members for work, travel and relocation, and potentially even the basic human rights protection from some of the EU legislation in this area.

Freedom!  Everyone should have it, but how to please both sides of the camp? The mind boggles.

In the words of a lady I’ve grown fond of since the release of her Lemonade album as Beyonce would say on her track Freedom:

Freedom! Freedom! I can’t move
Freedom, cut me loose!
Freedom! Freedom! Where are you?
Cause I need freedom too!
I break chains all by myself
Won’t let my freedom rot in hell
Hey! I’ma keep running
Cause a winner don’t quit on themselves



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