Bloggers, Reviewers & Book Clubs Wanted!

Ok, so my 1st  book is complete (as you know if you’ve been reading along on my blog), I’m now at the edit and submit stage. This is ticking along  nicely and each day I get more excited; I just wish I didn’t  have a day job so I  could spend all day working on this baby.

What I’m after now is to seek out any potential book bloggers, reviewers and book clubs who may be interested in reading  the first 3 chapters of my book, and giving their initial honest thoughts. If you like what you read, then I’ll  chuck in a free whole copy for you when it’s released. Is that you? If so keep reading.

My 1st book is a romance/ suspense story set in London, France (Paris and southern France) and the UK English coastal area, modern, exiting and I’d like to think engaging. Women all over the world of any age and race should be able to relate to my Heroine and Hero’s drama I’ve plot out for them, and no it’s not your average love triangle drama. (So she says). If you’re interested  post a comment below, or send me an email via the contact me page above. I’d love to hear from you.

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