Book Review: Just in Time ( Billionaire Romance Novella) 4 Really Cool Stars!

This is a totally new to me author, I found this novella as a free download on Amazon (still free now). Boy I’m glad I dived in, I found the story-line so relatable, in a lovely setting in Italy, and he is one cool billionaire!

About The Book

***For a limited time a FREE BONUS copy of Falling For You, another Take Me To Europe Series romance INCLUDED in this copy of Just In Time!***

After David’s betrayal, the last thing I wanted to do was stay in Kansas. So I traded in my cheating husband for a one-way ticket to the land of gondolas, cobbled streets and…. sexy daring Italian men kissing me in doorways? Just one…one in particular…

I’m used to it. Fast cars, glitzy galas and a few knockout supermodels on each arm. What I’m not used to is the bronze beauty I caught reveling in the sunlight. There’s something about the way she clings to me when I save her that makes me never want to let her go…

Passport ready? Follow Kerry and Luca to Venice in Veronica Maxim’s new billionaire romance series!

A FREE BONUS copy of Falling For You, another Take Me To Europe Series book INCLUDED in this ecopy! Both are standalone books with no cliffhangers.

This romance contains mature language and themes intended for 18+ audiences.

The first thing to say is, this is a steamy read! But there’s more to it there is a story here. I appreciated this, I find it a turn off sometimes when there’s so much sex, and no plot. The author did a good job at balancing the two. I really got into the story from the first few pages, the author’s writing style is easy and engaging. The story is told in first person from both Luca and Kerry’s point of view. I found Luca– the billionaire to be like-able, and really well developed. He was not arrogant, but yes he’s a man that ‘gets what he wants’. At the same time he was also very humble, as soon as Kerry stepped into his path, and he’s from a poorer background. I liked him as a billionaire. He really did his best to ‘change’ to gain Kerry’s trust.

Kerry for me was a like-able female and one that a lot of female readers probably could relate to, even if they’ve never been in her position in life. The author developed her POV, and experiences enough in this novella to relate.

Within the story there’s ‘insta-love’ but you can see why there’s a connection, it’s not silly and unbelievable, there’s twists, some unexpected ‘comebacks’ from secondary characters, a cool place in Europe to be transported to, and hot sex! Overall I enjoyed it, it was a free read and I have downloaded more of this author’s work. I recommend this novella to all those who love believable , multicultural, adult romance set in beautiful locations, and fans of ‘billionaire romance’ genre stories. At the time of review it’s still free, hit Amazon! Four really cool stars from me, I would have loved more to this story !

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