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by Kim Knight
Genre: Historical Romantic Suspense
Sacrifices is a riveting romantic story with historical and suspenseful elements set in the 1960s Jazz scene and the present day.
Jane O’Sullivan, a sultry twenty-seven-year-old singer, starts a torrid, forbidden affair during the 1960s jazz scene in London. Working hard, she makes a name for herself. She’s a woman with dreams, hopes, and a burning desire to leave Europe behind and travel to New Orleans with her lover, Louis.
Louis Simpson, a charming twenty-nine-year-old musician from Jackson, Mississippi, is on tour with his band in London. Back home, the height of the civil rights movement plays out in the USA. Driven by ambition, a forbidden love, and a desire to turn his life around, he pushes forward, living his dream.
Once their paths cross, a twist of fate crushes Jane’s world, forcing her to make a life-changing decision that impacts both her and Louis. This historical love story spans across the Atlantic and roams through Europe with love, loss, and broken promises.
Twenty-five years later, when Jane and Louis’ paths cross on a Greek island, will the helping hand of fate bring them together, or rip them apart, once more?
**Only .99 cents!!**
Kim was born in 1983 and from London in the UK. She’s a mother to a beautiful little boy, and a proud award-winning author (awarded Best Romance 2017 for A Stranger in France), and #1 Best-Selling Author (365 Days of Writing Prompts for Romance Writers). She’s also a contribution writer at Aspiring Authors Magazine LLC. Kim started her journey as a traditionally published author and later dived into self-publishing also.
As a reader she’s head over heels in love with romance, historical fiction, crime fiction, African- American, suspense and thriller genre books. As a writer, Kim enjoys creating stories with a diverse and multi-cultural line up, within the romance, romantic suspense and general thriller and crime genres. When she’s not reading, or writing stories of her own her other passions include practising her French, astrology, fashion, make-up artistry, drawing, spending time at her sewing machine dressmaking, watching make -up and beauty tutorials on YouTube, letter writing and being a mum.
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New Release: Mountain Blaze ( Romance) + $25.00 Giveaway

Mountain Blaze
The Carolina Series Book 1
by Debby Grahl
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Can Dillon and Diana elude a killer while their newfound love grows?
Disillusioned by his wife’s betrayal, rodeo star Dillon McCoy comes home to the mountains of North Carolina to lick his wounds. When he agrees to take over the family ranch, the Lazy M, he’s unaware danger waits.
Diana Thompson is having doubts about her engagement to Trent Sawyer. She agrees to leave Chapel Hill and spend Thanksgiving with her friend Jenn at the Lazy M. When Diana and Dillon meet, neither can deny their attraction, but both must resolve past relationships while fighting their growing desire.
After Dillon turns down an anonymous offer to purchase the ranch, attempts are made on his life. When a body is found, Dillon sets out to discover who wants the McCoy land enough to commit murder.
Award winning author, Debby Grahl, lives on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, with her husband, David. Besides writing, she enjoys biking, walking on the beach and a glass of wine at sunset. Her favorite places to visit are New Orleans, New York City, Captiva Island in Florida, the Cotswolds of England, and her home state of Michigan. She is a history buff who also enjoys reading murder mysteries, time travel, and, of course, romance. Visually impaired since childhood by Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), she uses screen-reading software to research and write her books. His Magic Touch, a paranormal romance, was released by Wild Rose Press December 5, 2018. Her latest book, Mountain Blaze, released November 2, 2020.
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New Release + Chapter Excerpt: ‘Ignited Bones’ by J.Z Luciano ( Military Romance Saga/Suspense)

A Military Romance Saga of Suspense….A Literary Film Noir in a Book Like No Other….Readers and reviewers are in for an extremely rare, literary, treat! “IGNITED BONES” delivers the action, romance, suspense, and of course…the intrigue. Move over Jason BOURNE and Christian GRAY!

When a crucial military mission goes all to hell, its repercussions put an unlikely trio on a collision course of shattering self-revelation! Against a backdrop of global political instability and high-stakes intrigue, these three kindred spirits struggle to find their place in the world…and with each other. Major Robert Fitzgerald Glenn, a battle-scarred commander in the U.S. Army who is locked in a desperate battle against the growing darkness that threatens to consume his soul…. Lord James Gregory Percival Foxington the Fourth, a wealthy and influential raconteur whose jet-setting, hedonistic exterior conceals a yawning emptiness within himself….

And their mutual prize: Ms. Sable-Ann Lacroix, the strong-willed former Army sergeant and free-loving adventuress whose passionate inner fires cannot be quenched by any man…hell, not even TWO. Strap yourself in tight for the ride of your life as their mad story unfolds.

The shared journey of these three powerful personalities becomes a dizzying erotic odyssey so intense that it could tear them apart—or blow their ever-loving minds!

Free to read on Kindle Unlimited: https://www.amazon.com/IGNITED-BONES-Operation-Moonlight-Luciano-ebook/dp/B08H3GD56M/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=ignited+bones&qid=1604773127&sr=8-1

Book Excerpt

At that moment, thousands of miles away at O’Hare Airport Chicago, Sable-Ann sat in the Admiral Sky Club, feeling trapped and frustrated by a long layover. Her flight was delayed due to inclement weather and mechanical difficulties. Sable-Ann tossed her baggage into the special holding area and scowled. Will I even survive this time? The question danced around in her head like a mischievous child baiting its parent to get attention.                                                                                                                                                                     

Her entire business trip had been plagued by one issue after the other. Two lucrative business deals had gone completely awry. Sable-Ann’s cool and calm demeanor threatened to shatter into pieces. She needed to pull herself together and put the lost deals into perspective.                                                                        

   `The Admiral Sky Club, however, would be a very welcome reprieve. Admiral O’Hare, one of American Airlines’ most high-tech, posh, and sumptuous sky clubs around, offered libations, food, and atmosphere. Its private business spaces were enclosed with highbacked leather seats and huge desk areas. Every executive amenity its members could dream of was placed at their fingertips. Open seating areas featured views of the airfield through the club’s floor-to-ceiling windows.                      

Huge flat screen televisions kept club members abreast of all flight times, the latest stock market statistics, and news from around the world in real time, of course. However, the main attractions, as always, were the club’s two well stocked and professionally managed bars and its dining areas. The bar seating was comfortable and stylish; the tall seats featured leather upholstery with comfy high backs. The club’s bartenders were truly the friendliest. Sable-Ann could not wait to place her last call and close her laptop for the duration of her trip.                                                                                                                                             After securing her phone, laptop, and business tablet, Sable-Ann was finally ready for a hearty drink. She waltzed over to a very crowded bar area. On her way in, Sable-Ann idly surveyed the crowd of business travelers. The bar was full of shark-suit types. She noticed that several of them watched her as she sidled up to the bar to place an order. Clearly, there was about to be some serious shark hunting in there. And Sable-Ann was the prey. She could not help hiding a smirk riddled in cynicism.                                                                                         

Ahead of her at the bar, three handsome execs looked like perfect corporate great-white shark types, it was a bit funny to observant exec. Two of them were in their salt-and-peppered middle-aged glory. The third gentleman seemed much younger, at least from the back. When one of his friends said something to him, Sable-Ann caught the mellow tones of a British accent in his reply. The bartender mixed their cocktails and set them up. The preoccupied execs, sipping their drinks with satisfaction, turned, and walked past her.                                    

  They began making their way over to an empty table on the other side of the crowded bar. Halfway across the room, the hot young gentleman suddenly stopped in his tracks and did a full about-face to take in the spectacle that was Sable-Ann. She had to laugh at his delayed double-take. From there, she could see that a rosy blush was flushing his cheeks.                                                                                                           

  Suddenly, for whatever reason, the impressed gentleman turned to gawk back at her, his smile filled with beguilement and naughty charm. The gentleman’s eyes complemented his Armani shark suit. His gaze had the same cold glint as a great white shark going in for the kill. His firm, sexy physique broadcast the fact that he was a total workout buff. No one could tell him he was a horse’s patootie, because his confidence radiated all over that sky club and bar. What a rake he was, this sexy-ass son of a bitch! Sable-Ann did not mind the visual this fine male specimen presented—what woman would? —but still, she could not have cared less. She was at the bar, entirely in her element.                                                                   

In this world of shark suit executives, Sable-Ann was with her tribe. Handling shark types in their shark suits was a way of life for many female execs. Why the hell would this son of a so-and-so be any different, sexy as hell or not? Besides, he did have an alluring charm about him that was calming and uncanny. Most likely it was the British accent and his Carpenter B. cologne.     Sable-Ann would know that scent anywhere! Its musky notes teased her fancy, taunting the hairs of her nostrils. Rake or not, the young gentleman provided a great deal of sex appeal and attraction, a very welcome and needed distraction.                                                                                  

Just as Sable-Ann was toying with the notion of strolling over to ask the gentleman’s name, the bartender intruded into her thoughts. She gave him her drink order and turned back to see the sexy exec as he waved off his friends. He took a step in her direction. She knew the pretentious young fellow was preparing to slip into her personal space, just as stealthy as ever. “What a fucking snake,”                                                                                  

Sable-Ann murmured under her breath, joyfully, of course. She would make him work for his prize. She turned and walked away, making him think she was retreating from his advance, then she found a couple of empty seats at the end of the bar. Sable-Ann slid her remarkable clever and savvy ass onto the leather seat of a barstool and crossed her lusciously long legs with studied, sensual grace.                                                                 

   It was the signal he was looking for. In the few seconds it took him to work his way toward her, that shark of an exec undressed her with his eyes. Though Sable noticed, she chose to hide her discovery from the handsome executive. She found him quite funny and predictable. Plus, those pinstriped Armani trousers indicated that she had snared a very virile and blessed cheeky bloke. What the damnation? The coy executive winked as he shot Sable-Ann another smile worthy of the Cheshire Cat. His intrigue began to build rackingly.                  

  Sable-Ann felt his appreciation to the way her white silk Oscar de’ la Renta blouse was beginning to cling to her softly moist skin. She knew her tall, voluptuous silhouette only added to the erotic pomp and circumstance of the moment, and she relished it. The rapid rise and fall of Sable-Ann’s bosom was a dead giveaway. Even so, she really did not care. Her brain was focused on a reprieve from her disrupted journey. This sexy and cheeky bloke would offer her a most welcome sidebar.                                                                                               

Plus, when it came to executive types such as him, her thoughts were remarkably simple and to the point: Whatever is good for the gander is great for the goose! She was seriously aroused underneath that calm and flirty demeanor of hers. But Sable-Ann was an old-school game player who remained calm on the surface and maintained a poker face.                                                   

Unbeknownst to the poor fella, she was a Barbarian at the Gate in her own right, totally feeling herself and the power of her allure. This poor, clueless boy really needed to watch out, because underneath her beautiful exterior was a fucking venomous viper, poised to strike at will… and strike at her will…she would!      

Glowing with confidence, the charming young executive murmured a hello. He was nearly salivating at the mouth. Sable-Ann looked deeply into his fiery hazel-green eyes with pupils expanded when their gaze locked. He could not look away from the piercing gaze of her chocolate-diamond eyes.                                                  

Coquettishly, Sable-Ann lowered her lashes as she stirred her drink, liberating the gentleman’s protuberantly intrusive beam. Affording the tenacious exec to use his eyes to scrutinize her voluptuous silhouette and demeanor, in a power move of her own right. When she looked up, he was exposed; obviously trying to sneak inconspicuous peeks at her dusky, robust bosom.                                                                                               

  She smiled as he caught himself (too funny). “Might I join you?” he asked hopefully. Sable-Ann gave a slight nod toward the seat beside her. He removed his suit jacket and placed it gently on the back of his chair, but he did not sit down. Like any other shark type, he was merely marking his territory, so to speak. This was a total old school playboy move, at the very least.                              

The gentleman was not about to graciously relinquish her attention, not in a million. So, he thought! The lady said not a word as she arched her left eyebrow and pursed her lips in approval. Of course, by this time his male member would be as hard as a fucking poker! His fiery eyes were glazing over with intrigue and capriciousness.                                                                                       

She knew he was thinking all types of scandalously scathing thoughts. “Mmm-hmmm…” Sable purred softly, just enough for the gentle‐ man’s ear to catch the cynical gesture. “Well, now,” he remarked with his deep British accent and that old rake of a glint in his eyes. Sable leaned back on her seat as she looked the gentleman up and down with discretion.                                                 

Her feet wanted to turn back flips they ached so badly from those four-inch Jimmy Choo come-fuck-me pumps! “Beautiful,” the exec murmured as he attempted to kiss the back of Sable-Ann’s hand. She pulled it back, then rested it gently on his chest.                                                   

Most men would have seen this as a woman’s surrender. But Sable-Ann was total old school. The move by the lady was a control move. By pressing her hand onto his chest, he could invade her space no farther than the boundary of her hand’s permissiveness. Sneaky! It was very strategic and coy of her. But he was lost in the game so deeply that he never noticed her clever move.            

The gentleman simply kept moving his lips, along with his hopeful agenda. At that point, Sable-Ann knew the privy of her personal space was secure, and at readiness status, a total warrior-woman tactic. “Provided you don’t mind, beautiful…” His words dripped off his lips. Sable-Ann knew he was up to no damn good. “My name is Allen, with an E. And you are?”                                               

He shot Sable-Ann a gaze that nearly penetrated her smoldering mocha-rich smooth skin. It was as if he were attempting to X-ray her through the beauty’s mink-collared Jones New York power suit with the pinstriped skirt, that embraced her hips like a possessive lover. She did not mind, not one bit. It was one of those welcomed flirts that many traveling female execs adored. They often played off such overt advances, for their fellow feminists at large.                                                                             

However, they adored and welcomed such brazened flintiness, like combative titans. No matter how contradictory this may appear, or sound. It was a female exec thing. What else could one expect for a woman the likes of Sable-Ann? She only trusted that which she felt she could control (powerful safety mechanism). No matter how tacky his approach, he was totally harmless.                               

She noticed via her peripheral vision that the two older execs were heading over to her end of the bar. Sable-Ann could not help but note that the taller, much older member of the trio was the most poised of the three gentlemen and far more statuesque. Hell, he was in her direct LOS (line of sight).                                                     

  However, out of courtesy, she chose to focus on the flirty moves from Mr. Allen. But she sneaked glances at the tall exec, here and there. A coy and clever bitch, she applied her totally old school moves! She could not quite put her finger on it, at the time, but there was something distinct and familiar about the tall, statuesque gentleman. But as to what it was, she had not a damn clue.                                                                                                      Plus, her increasing level of arousal was affecting her ability to concentrate on the situation without distraction. Mr. Allen may have been a bit much, but he was attractive as hell. Plus, she was a sucker for the British accent. Period! Sable’s attentions were occupied for the moment. However, she did not need to worry her pretty little flirty head, because soon all her questions and curiosities were about to be met and satisfied. Some pretty importune fortunes were about to unfold in that damn sky club! Who the hell would have ever have thunk it?

Meet The Author

           Hailing from Stockbridge, Georgia, J.Z. Luciano is a multi-genre author/writer. A Business Law and Economics undergraduate alumna of Mississippi Valley State University, Troy State University, and Auburn University at Montgomery, she also is proud to be an honor‐ able veteran of the United States Army. In addition, Ms. Luciano is an Operation Just Cause and Persian Gulf veteran. Her eyes have seen and experience a great deal of the world, to say the least.                     

   The author and veteran performed most of her military duty as a communications instructor, and ceremonial detail for fallen soldiers. Hers’ was an extraordinary military career. Ms. Luciano’s diverse and dynamic worldview was shaped by her early life experiences.                                                                                 

   At age five, she lived abroad with her parents when her father, a Staff Sergeant with the U.S. Army, was stationed in Europe. During August of 1968—the same year that Russia invaded the Czech Republic—Ms. Luciano was a schoolgirl in neighboring Germany, studying in military education programs. Seeing the world through the lens of these experiences and realities became powerful writing tools for Ms. Luciano, spurring her to develop her talents as a novelist and writer.                  

    Early in her life, her passion for literature sparked her creative mind. As a youngster, Ms. Luciano discovered her love of writing through her love of reading. The classic book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens truly inspired her writer’s soul, igniting the flame that began her long-term relationship with pen to paper.                     

By the age of fourteen, Ms. Luciano’s writing journey began to shift into high gear with short stories, poetry, and school plays. This determined lady veteran and capable author is the source of thrilling page-turners. Readers who are thirsting for provocative, intriguing, and dynamic literary works will find them in abundance from the pen of J.Z. Luciano.

facebook.com/thesmokingglassliterarybar instagram.com/thesmokingglassliterarybar bookbub.com/books/jzavoris-luciano-by-jzavoris-luciano

Win an Author ‘Secret Santa’ Book…Various Authors and Genres 4th December Winners Picked!

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Book Review: Ode to America (Poetry, Literary Fiction) 2.5 Stars.

Thank you to NetGalley for my free review copy. All opinions are mine. I really wanted to dig the bones off this book of poetry! Man!! With all that’s going on in the world, I was so excited. I was sucked in by the blurb and promise. I think it just boiled down to one main thing. Let’s get into the review.

Book Blurb:

Ode To America is a song both difficult and sweet as it touches upon America’s extant soul as it struggles to impress itself upon a girl so unfamiliar with its aloof persona. It is written in poetic form, daring its readers to catch up, as it takes flight into issues both far and near to every person’s aching heart, in a country so treasured and bold. It covers topics such as race, relationships and capitalism, urging its readers to take its form of compassion, grace and good sense in its attempt at repairing American culture.

Poetry is such a beautiful thing, and as a reader of it I can never really review it honestly as I could or would fiction, or even non-fiction. It’s too different, and serves a different purpose. Not to mention a different reading experience from these other genres. All I can go on is: did I understand it, enjoy it, or even dig the poet’s style? Does it Resonate? In this case I found it really hard to adjust to the author’s writing style, or poetic flow. I missed the key meanings in their pose and work. That’s all it boiled down to.

The poems are all rather long also, more like short stories but for me it was hard to appreciate and get into, I could not adjust. The subject matters themselves of the poems as you can see from the blurb, and from myself reading Ode to American–they are wonderful! Timely! Very educational! And I think I just expected something different, or I am the wrong kind of reader/audience for the author.

For me 2.5 stars but I do recommend the book to all those who have an interest, or who are drawn in by the blurb. Give it a try, you may find the poetry resonates more than I did. I thank the author for allowing me to read their work, and NetGallery too.

Book Review: Black Marketer’s Daughter 3 Stars (Women’s Fiction/Multicultural) #blackmarketersdaughter #NetGalley

Thank you to NetGalley for my free review copy. All opinions are my own. I was glued to this story to start with. It is such a heart-warming story, showing a woman’s fight for survival. That said, I closed the book and asked myself ‘what was missing?’ Let’s get into the full review.

Book Blurb:

When a Muslim woman in an arranged marriage is discovered having an illicit  affair with an American man, violent, fatal consequences ensue, catapulting her into the epicenter of a political firestorm fueled by anti-Muslim hysteria.

“A gorgeously written book with a protagonist I’ll never forget.”

—Lily Brooks-Dalton, author of Good Morning, Midnight– Now a Major Motion Picture: The Midnight Sky

Zuleikha arrives in Texas via arranged marriage from Pakistan, and soon realizes how different life in America is from the portrayals in the confiscated contraband books and movies her father trafficked in to pay for her education and dowry. Having trained as a pianist without ever owning a real piano, she finally has one—a wedding present from her husband. As Zuleikha learns to navigate her new role as suburban middle-class housewife, she begins to feel diminished by her seemingly kind husband’s regular dismissal. She offers piano lessons to the neighborhood kids, and in doing so begins to find her identity and independence.

Everything changes when Patrick—the father of her young son’s friend—signs up for lessons himself. Zuleihka and Patrick grow closer, and Zuleihka finds herself in love for the first time. Zuleihka is caught between being a good Muslim wife and obedient daughter, and following her heart.

Despite how careful she is, the affair is eventually discovered, and leads to horrific violence with gruesome and fatal consequences. The ensuing circumstances catapult Zuleihka into the glare of the public eye in a foreign land, where she finds herself at the epicenter of a political firestorm with both sides using her situation to advance their own agendas.

The blurb really pulled me in I felt like this would be such a good read, I could not wait to read it. I hate to give away some of the plot, but I need to to fully give my honest reading experience. We follow the story of a woman married off from Pakistan, to an Asian-American man. The struggles she had to adjust to the new environment were interesting to learn about. In the main story, an affair starts the husband finds out, sadly she is pregnant by her husband. However, she ends up in a legal battle with her husband, as she loses her child in a miscarriage due to his actions. The twist is was it an accident? Or intentional? She can’t remember, or finds it hard to make this call.

This is where the story really got interesting, but also the main part that lacked for me. It’s such a catch-22, I felt as I read as a female reader myself, the main character Zu lacked the real emotion and reactions a woman in her position may have expressed. As I placed myself in her shoes she seemed so ‘okay’ with it all. No mourning a child lost, no regret, nothing!

She loses a child late in pregnancy, due to her husband’s actions, and already has one child to fend for. The Muslim community looked down on her, (culture it’s her fault she had an affair). While the American community see her as the victim, ( she lost a child, he is a monster). This played out wonderfully, as I read the conflict. But what about Zu? There was no real emotion from her at all, her thoughts, feelings, anger, sadness at all. It appeared as though she just flowed with the motions of whether to prosecute her husband. At the end it was still not clear what she did. But she heads off into a new life, with her son and minus a husband. What happened to him? There was also no mention of her husband, during the actual legal parts either. It felt one sided to read.

Overall it is a wonderful story, heart-warming, and worth a read, I did enjoy many parts of it. I don’t know if it’s because the author (from my reading) missed out the key part– ‘a deep dive’ into Zu’s feelings and that of her husband’s I had many questions at the end. To me as a reader I felt like I never got the full, raw, reality of this story when you think about the fact that, these cases are very real in real life! This could have made it an outstanding 5 star read for me! Zu was in a very hard place, and so was her husband. I would have loved to read this part.

I would read another book by the author I do like their writing style, but this one here The Black Marketer’s Daughter is 3 stars from me.

Cover Reveal: The Accidental Royal Kidnap @QuiteFunnyGuy @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours

When London schoolteacher George Nearly wakes up one Sunday morning to find a dishevelled young woman sprawled on his living-room rug, claiming to be a princess, his plans for a peaceful day at home recovering from his 39th birthday party disappear faster than a French monarch’s head during a revolution. And when the feisty royal accuses George of kidnapping her, his very ordinary life is turned completely upside down, as the party princess takes root in his apartment, causes royal waves among his friends and family, and demands to go walkabout on the streets of London. It’s blue-blooded British comedy by unofficial royal appointment in this hilarious, and often surreal, regal romp that’s guaranteed to raise a laugh from Balmoral to Buckingham Palace!

Author Bio
Author Bio: Paul Mathews is a quite funny guy who ditched the London rat race to follow his dream of becoming a comedy novelist and never again having to be told what to do by anyone who isn’t a blood relative. His sharp, satirical – often surreal – sense of humour was honed after twenty glorious years in the UK Civil Service: long-lunching, cracking jokes & trying his best to look busy. He gains inspiration from his love of pubs, good food, Earl Grey tea, four-legged animals & the quirks and quibbles of British life.

Please note: Paul Mathews (please flag that there just one ‘t’ in Mathews – it’s very often misspelt!)

Twitter Handle: @QuiteFunnyGuy
Instagram Handle: paulmathewsauthor
Facebook Handle: www.facebook.com/paulmathewsauthor
Author’s website: https://quitefunnyguy.com

Live ‘Unboxing’ Video of My New Release-‘Sacrifices’! Wow!! #newrelease #historicalromance

I can never put into words how it feels to watch someone ‘unbox’ your book. It’s such a humbling, heart-warming, and special feeling that never leaves you. It’s not the first time I have seen it, but the feeling of gratitude never leaves me. Yesterday I was tagged on Facebook as Author Kristi Tailor an American romance author, who has turned into a very good friend of mine, went LIVE on Facebook. She unboxed my new release in paperback. It’s also funny as I’ve not even got my hands on a paperback yet myself. I need to order! LOL

I just want to share this video, and the feedback from a reader-author just like me. Who is obsessed with books too! I am so grateful for every reader.

It’s still .99 cent in e-book probably until the end of the book tour! Check out Amazon here. https://bit.ly/3dS232U

New Release : What the World Needs Now – Trees! By Cheryl Rosebush @freshly_press @environmentalkidsbooks @lovebookstours

What the World Needs Now is an environmental children’s book series for ages 4-8 that aims to connect the world’s youngest book lovers to the importance of nature, and our place in it.

Each book in the series follows a friendly animal through its habitat, helping kids learn about one thing the world needs now, be it more trees or bees or less plastic, to maintain a healthy planet.

The series is designed to help parents and educators lay the foundation for future learning on the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. But for our littlest kids, the connection starts at a much simpler point: their first job is to fall in love with nature – because you don’t protect what you don’t love. 

The books support engaging with our kids on how we can better respect and care for the only planet we have.  

This is a brand-new adventure for me – completely independent and self-published! And it feels like the culmination of everything I have ever worked on.

When was the last time you bought a book that offset its own carbon emissions and preserved critically threatened rainforests? So proud to say that when you buy “What the World Needs Now: Trees!”, you will be doing just that.

Meet Jefri! He’s the adorable main character in the first book of my series called What the World Needs Now: Trees!. He was created by my talented illustrator Zuzana Svobodova. For me, it was love at first sight! 

I knew I wanted my first book in the series to be about trees, and after my World Bank mission to Sumatra in 2019, I knew I wanted my main character to be an orangutan. They literally have everything to lose by tropical forest loss. And since they share so similarities to humans, I thought an orangutan would be the perfect animal to underscore the ways in which we are all connected to trees. 

Watch this amazing video to see Jefri come to life!

Meet The Author

I was born and raised in Southern Ontario, Canada in the cities of Burlington and St. Catharines. Long before the internet and mobile phones (now I’m aging myself!), my childhood was spent in forests and parks, on bike rides, and playing hide and seek until the streetlights came on. My family did comical Griswold-style road trips in wood-paneled station wagons. We spent summers swimming in friends’ backyards. These are my very fortunate roots.

I knew from an early age that my destiny would take me far from Southern Ontario. I graduated high school and moved to Montreal to study international politics at McGill University. The subject fascinated me, but as graduation approached, I realized I didn’t know what I wanted to do with a degree in international politics. I didn’t want to become a lawyer. I didn’t want to become a politician or civil servant. The media industry, on the other hand, intrigued me. 

The West Coast of Canada also intrigued me. So, after graduating McGill, I packed up again, moved to Vancouver and took the first media job I could get at a local Top 40 radio station (Z.95.3) in Vancouver. Best job. Great bosses. I learned so much. But after a couple of years there, the winds of change came calling again. 

September 11, 2001. In a heartbeat, Z95.3 went from playing Britney Spears to reporting up-to-the-minute information on the local, national and international fallout of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. In that moment, I knew I had found my calling. I wanted to do something that was needed on a good day, and needed even more on a bad day. I wanted to become a full-time journalist. 

So, I packed my bags again (a running theme in my life), and moved to Ottawa, Ontario to do my Masters of Journalism. Another incredible two years culminated in me getting a research internship with the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) in London, England. That position helped me land back in Montreal for a second chapter there as local news reporter for the CBC. While I was there, I wore just about every hat you could in CBC’s radio and TV newsrooms. Depending on the day, I was a researcher, producer, reporter, or online writer. I even filled in for the weather reports every once in a while.


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Dear Santa: A Christmas Wish
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The Authors’ Billboard’s 2020 fabulous Christmas Box Collection, DEAR SANTA, is filled with 18 brand new stories about characters who have special wishes to ask the big guy during this season.
Most of us have had experiences when something we’ve desperately wanted is so close that Santa seems the perfect person to ask for the miracle.
When one believes, it’s amazing the conflicts that are overcome and the surprises that can follow.
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Mimi Barbour – Alone at Christmas: Being alone is Tara’s worst nightmare, especially during the holidays. Her wish comes true when she finds Mr. Right injured and stranded, but will they survive the dangerous storm?
Rebecca York – Christmas Miracle 1935: Can he trust her enough to help free her father from jail?
Patricia Rosemoor – Marrying Molly: Dear Santa, Please let me meet a McKenna man who will help me end Sheelin O’Keefe’s horrible curse on both our families. Molly Kavanaugh
Susanne Matthews – What Dottie Wants: All Ronnie wants is to give Dottie a great Christmas, but not being able to find the doll she wants may make that impossible.
Traci Hall – Christmas Kiss: Can a teenage crush become forever love?
Angela Stevens – Dear Sinterklaas: Dan had his heart stolen by a girl on summer vacation, now it’s Christmas time, and with a little bit of magic from Sinterklaas, he hopes to make his Christmas wish come true.
Melinda Colt – Saving Maddie: The only reason demons exist is because angels do, too.
Stacy Eaton – Finding Love with Dear Santa: All Faith wants is to get her life back on track.
Stephanie Queen – He Has Santa: A second chance hockey romance.
Josie Riviera – A Chocolate Box Christmas Wish: He’s been all over the world. She’s a home-town girl. Can a holiday wish bridge the gap?
Mona Risk – Dalia’s Christmas Wish: Will the doctor make the right decision between an angry fiancée and a medical emergency?
Rachelle Ayala – Toy Soldier Christmas: Can a toy soldier make her wish come true?
Dani Haviland – A Plate of Christmas Cookies: Is it too much to ask for a second miracle?
Taylor Lee – Please Christmas: Be Done: When his 7 year old son ran away looking for Santa… and all his teenage daughter wants for Christmas is for it to be done….the district attorney concedes not only did he lose his wife to cancer, but he was in danger of losing his children.
Susan Jean Ricci – Cruising for Mr. Right: Can a widow discover second chance romance aboard a Christmas cruise and make the right choice between two adoring men?
Alyssa Bailey – Christmas Wishes and You: Beth’s Christmas Wish of a Second Chance at Love could happen if only she would be willing to risk her heart… again.
Nancy Radke – Zsuzsa’s Christmas Wish: She asks Santa for a strong man to help corral a mule that won’t stay home, and is given a rancher who plans to corral her.
Carmen DeSousa – Chicago Hope: Aspiring journalist Maura Hall dreams of changing the world, but she’ll settle for Chicago.
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