Book Review: Blended Families 3 stars + Giveaway

Blended Families
by Kyiris Ashley
Genre: Urban Fiction
Kim is a beautiful, successful, businesswoman, and co-owner of one of the top urban publishing companies in the country. She is also an author with a host of books on the New York Times best sellers list. She is a mother of three, and has a wonderful husband named Harold. Life is great for them on the outside looking in, but Kim had more than a few secrets.
Shawn is a handsome and successful businessman, and best-selling author. Being co-owner of one of the top urban publishing companies in the country gave him a six figure salary. He also has a beautiful daughter and a loyal wife. On the outside looking in, they were the perfect family of three, but Shawn had secrets.
Shawn and Kim not only shared a company together, they also shared a son, a house, and a life. When their son is kidnapped, Shawn and Kim worked together to find him. Little did they know, they were much closer to the kidnappers than they thought. With the fear of never seeing their son again, Shawn and Kim wake up sleeping beasts that no one was ready for. Letting all parties involved know, there’s a very thin line between life and death.
Kyiris Ashley is an international selling author from the east side of Detroit Michigan. She won her first award for writing in the fifth grade, and she knew then that she had a passion for writing. She began writing short stories in notebooks, that she would pass on to her classmates for reviews. On leave from her job in the hospitality field, due to the pandemic of 2020; Kyiris Ashley released her debut novel entitled Blended Families.
Even though Kyiris Ashley’s first novel is in the urban fiction genre; she has written other works in different genres under pennames. She prefers not to place herself in a box, and stunt her creative growth by limiting herself to one genre. Kyiris Ashley is currently working on turning her book into a scripted series and movie. While also preparing for the release of the second installment of the Blended Families trilogy entitled; Blended Families 2: Retribution.
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blendedfamilies - my review

Kim’s Review: 3 Stars!

Thank you to Silver Dagger Tours for my free copy, in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are my own. I was so excited to sign up to read this book, the blurb pulled me in, because I thought this could be a very cool read. As I read I felt the story came across as a typical’ street lit genre read, and by this I mean yes, there’s organised crime, guns, death, revenge, and money as the main plot drivers. The only difference was the characters are not petty street criminals, or drug lords, they’are best-selling authors who have a past of organised crime.

The characters to me were mainly pure entertainment, the plot for me was also pure entertainment. I don’t like to give spoilers on the plot for those who may read it, but the plot is mainly focused on adultery and revenge once this comes to light. Some parts I questioned the reality or likely-hood of it happening in the real world. One: the main characters are best-selling authors, and a surgeon, therefore they would be either well known and/or have lot to lose! Two: just generally things that happened in the plot, I wondered about reality BUT the plot was entertaining if you look past reality. However in the context of the street lit genre, it would make sense and be reality! If that makes sense. I did also find one plot gap very early on in the story. But even though I noticed, I read on because of the entertainment factor I found from the story-line. It ends on a cliff-hanger there’s no conclusion, which I found a little disappointing I do like a conclusion personally as a reader! But great for those who may wish to read a part two, the way the author left it, it seems like there could be follow up.

Overall, for me as a first time reader of this author’s work I’d give Blended Families three stars out of five, an okay read, but a highly entertaining read due to the nature of the plot, even if at times I questioned reality. For me it felt like reading street lit with a slight difference due to the character line up. I would read another book by the author possibly with a different focus, and I recommend Blended Families to those who really do dig the street lit genre.

I thank the author and Silver Dagger Tours again for sharing this book with me.

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