Book Review: ‘Final Hour’ By Dean Koontz (Mystery/Suspense) 3 Stars

DKBelieve it or not, I’ve never actually read a book by this author. But I’m fully aware of how popular he is, his books are always recommended to me on my Kindle. After reading this I can see why! Last night I just typed into my Kindle app ‘short mystery stories.’ I felt in the mood for some kind of anthology, or short, quick, read. Koontz came up!


About the Book:

Following LAST LIGHT comes FINAL HOUR, the second of two standalone ebook original tales tying in to ASHLEY BELL, the highly anticipated new novel of dark suspense from #1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz.

Just by touching others, Makani Hisoka-O’Brien can see the darkest secrets they keep. The troubling talent has made the Southern California surfer wary of casual contact. But while impulsively saving a stranger from an accident, she experiences her most disturbing vision.

With only a good friend to help her, and mere traces of information to guide her, Makani must track down two mysterious women—one of them innocent, one not.

But Makani is stepping into the path of an adversary more dangerous than she can imagine: a brutal predator behind a pretty face, who won’t go down without drawing blood.

Kim’s Review- 3 Enjoyable Stars, but Maybe  Unfinished?

The blurb is what really pulled me in, I loved the idea of following Makani’s journey into this mystery. The story really started off well and I read quickly. The characters were really like-able – the ones we’re meant to like. As for the ‘mysterious woman’, Ursula and her twin, they ‘re the ‘bad guys’ and were well rounded too.

Without spoilers Makani’s ability to read people lands her and her friend, Pogo in hot water. They follow the lady in question and learn what she’s up to, due to Makani’s ability to read her via touch. Right towards the end there was a lovely twist which made me go, ‘wow! Okay, never saw that coming.’ That said once the twist happened it felt like the story was very rushed as I read it. Two people ended up dead, Makani and her friend make it out, but I had soooooooooooooo many unanswered questions it was unreal! I wanted more. I know this is a novella story, but it felt very incomplete how it ended. It was all happy go lucky, beach days, and surfing. However,  no mention of what happened to the ‘mystery’ the bodies, follow up on the mystery or even Makani herself.

Overall, it was an enjoyable, page-turning story with great characters, but the ending didn’t add up or  give a full conclusion  for me. That said, would I read more of this author’s work? Yes as I can clearly see that I would enjoy it, and have downloaded another! 3 enjoyable stars a great intro to a new author to read. I recommend it to all those who like mystery stories it’s a really quick novella read too.

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