Male Authors of Colour Wk3: ‘Urban King’ #9 Author Pugh #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatteruk #blackauthorsmatter


Last but by no means least is ‘Urban King’ #9  of the male authors of colour line up. It’s Author Pugh! He writes in the general urban fiction genre, however his work crosses over into the suspense and thrill genre. At the time of writing this Author Pugh has five books published on Amazon, his latest work was also ‘book of the month’ for Aspiring Authors Magazine LLC last month!

Fun facts

Star sign:  Pisces 2/20

Hobbies:   reading, writing, exercising & watch suspense shows
Meet The Author
The author known as PUGH was born February in Chicago,Illinois. He grew up on Chicago’s norhside and as a teenager migrated to Perrine, a southwest section of Miami Dade County,Fl. He has published 3 novels,”Mini Distractionz” ,” 39 Lashes of Karma” & The newly released ” Major Repercussions “. He enjoys writing and reading even more. Taking CEU classes are also a passion of his. He has certificates in “Introduction to Philosophy” “African American literature ” & “Introduction to Shakespeare ” are a few of his accolades. He is presently putting the finishing touches on his 4th book.
Here’s Author Pugh’s latest work… What a fantastic cover
Pugh bookRunny Clem aka Mini-size awakes to find himself handcuffed to a hospital bed and partially paralyzed. The aftermath of a high-speed pursuit after being set up by a confidential informant.

As the news spread about his condition and eventually, the loss of freedom, Mini becomes the perfect prey to those who wickedly placed in their minds, that he will forever be damaged goods.

Years later… Breaking news reports that a violent convict has escaped, and have left a trail of dead bodies behind.

As the manhunt for Mini intensifies, he quickly realizes that he has very few places to go and even fewer people to run to. The revelation leaves him with the limited choice of seeking help from one of the very people who he vowed to kill.

A decision that sets in motion all of the elements of betrayal, deceit, and hunger for revenge. When the smoke clears, all involved, including Mini; somehow, someway will become victims of Major repercussions!

Check out Author Pugh’s Amazon Pagehere and give him a follow for more up and coming work! if you do download a book please leave him a review, I’m sure he’d love it.

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