Male Author of Colour Wk#2: What D’ya Know About Robert.L. Horton- Poetry Author #blackauthorsmatter #blacklivesmatter

Robert Let’s get  to know a very interesting male author of colour from the world of poetry today.

Robert L. Horton, was born and raised in Springfield, IL.  His journey to manhood started when he became a father at 17. Knowing that he needed to take responsibility, he enlisted in the Army the following year. Being emotionally ill-equipped to handle the rigors of military life, Robert was honorably discharged from the Army in October of 1991 after 13 months of service. He returned home, married his high school sweet-heart and grew his family.

During his time in the Army, Robert learned how to drive combination vehicles. Utilizing those skills he acquired in the military, enhanced by training at a national truck driving school, Robert obtained a Commercial Driver’s License and became an over-the-road trucker to provide for his growing family. Being weary of being away from his family as an truck driver, and after reading Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu’s acclaimed book, Countering The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys, he enrolled at Lincoln Land Community College earning an Associate’s Degree in Elementary Education.  Following graduation, he worked as a Teacher’s Aide in District 186 and founded, The House of Men for Education (a non-profit organization whose mission was to attack the “fourth grade failure syndrome”).  Robert was 30 years old.

With an unquenched thirst for knowledge, and following a seven year respite from college, he enrolled at the University of Illinois (UIS), earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. Robert worked as a Case-Manager and became a Foster Care Provider. Finding his calling in serving his community, Robert continues to self-actualize through his devotion to family, service to others, pursuit of even higher education, and soulful poetry.  Robert returned to UIS to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Further, Robert released his first book of poetry, Released, Inspired Poetic Messages.

Robert is currently working on a Children’s Book, The Search (For The Prodigious Son) and his second book of poetry, Black Rage and Responsible Revolution (The Poetic Plea!)

Fun facts about Robert:

Star sign: Libra (lovely sign I must say !!)

Hobbies:  Walking and writing poetry

Fav colour: Blue

Roberts books are available on his website here . The book he’d like to share today is this one:




FAME is Robert Horton’s third book of poetry; his previous work include:

  • Released (Inspired Poetic Messages), 2015
  • Miscellaneous Pieces, 2017

He is currently working on his fourth book of poetry titled, Black Rage and Responsible Revolution. He resides in Springfield, IL

Check out Amazon here for details on this book

Or Robert’s website.





Roberts official website can be found here, do take a look around and get to know him and his work.

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