Male Author of Colour Wk #2: What D’ya Know About Poetry Author Nolan. P. Holloway! #blacklivesmatter #blackauthorsmatter

NolanHow cool to have Nolan back, I interviewed him earlier this year. You can read his full interview here.   Nolan  was born and raised in Queens, NY.  He relocated to Atlanta in 1995.  He enjoys watching sports, playing pool and going to the gym.   He also enjoys service on Sundays and co-hosting the radio show Level Up.

Nolan has been writing poetry for a number of years from discussions I’ve had with him, he also has a tattoo dedicated to his name, “Mr. Scribe” how cool!

Fun facts about Nolan:

Star sign – Leo

Favourite colour- Green

Hobbies- Shooting pool

Here’s a book of poetry Nolan would love the world to know about below… check him out!

Nolan“This book is a surprise to me. About two and half years ago I wrote a poem to a friend. Got a positive response so I continued writing. Over that time my life has come full circle. Getting back to building a relationship with God, renewing the bond with my children has started a fire to pen “scribes.” I have discovered a way of expressing myself that people can relate and feel. This motivation has me putting my collection in book form,” says Nolan Holloway.

Check out this author’s poetry and his Amazon page here. If you do read and enjoy please leave him a review, I’m sure he’d love it.

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