Street Lit King #3: What’d You Know About Chris Green?


Enter Street Lit King #3 and a new male author of colour to get to know,  let’s get to know Author Chris Green. Have you ever had book covers just call you? That’s how I crossed paths with Chris, it was actually a fellow author of his signed to the same label Lock Down Publications who shared his cover, and I was like ‘I need to take a closer look at this, where is the book’s blurb?’ Chris is a well known and highly celebrated author in the urban and street lit genre, judging by his Facebook fan page interaction. He also can be rather funny in his posts too!  He’s an author who is well versed in writing about urban and street life, but I get the feeling he can have a softer side to him also, from some of his Facebook interaction posts. I’ve not had the chance to interview him, maybe one day I will and find out for myself if my hunch is right.

Chris has published a high number of books if you check his Amazon page, and also has some great reviews.  From what I have been seeing on Facebook it’s his ‘Dope Boy’ series that seems to have his fans, fans of this genre, old and new readers gossiping about his pen! Get to now him.

Fun Fact About Chris

Hails from- Georgia, Atlanta

I’m one of the most dedicated people when it comes down too spilling my heart..I remember times where I just had talent for writing anything.. whatever came to mind was like a bliss of essence to my paper. I was always able to place my power inside this trait and I finally dedicated my life to doing just that making my fans smile laugh,and enjoy a Chris Green novel.

One of my main interest besides writing books would have to be music! Lol Its been in my spirit since I was ten.
And my aim is obviously dedicating more time for my readers and building with the public in other states. In the industry we need different platforms and I’m pushing to prove that WeRBooks isn’t just a’s a lifestyle..I have new projects on the way and I’m also working on the finale of my legacy which will be True Savage seven The final chapter!!!!

Chris BookThe love for the drug game has risen, along with the body count, as TIPTON fights harder and harder to maintain his position. REX, Tipton’s sandbox ni**a, is turning out to be a true monster of deceit, and Tipton’s most fierce enemy. Will their imminent clash destroy everything and everyone in their circles?

Meanwhile, when the police swarm down on the boss, JANITA must stand firm against betrayal, and keep their love divine. Will Tipton be able to bounce away from the grimey hate and blood thirst of his enemies? Or will the undercover opponents disintegrate him, and end everything he worked so hard to build?

In the streets, money and envy is the root of all evil. With bullets flying at him literally and figuratively, Tipton must elevate his mind and continue to execute his uncanny DOPE BOY MAGIC or he will be eaten alive by the many snakes that are attacking his den.

Check out Author Chris Green’s Amazon Page here, and if you do read a book of his and enjoy leave him a review. I’m sure he’d love it.



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