Street Lit King #2: What’d You Know About Author Dekari? #amreading

DekariAll right, we’re on a roll with getting to know some male authors of colour. This week’s all about ‘Street Lit Kings’, our second one you guys know he’s back! It’s Dekari. I interviewed him earlier this year, check it out here. This was after I read one of his books, and was very pleasantly surprised. I read book #1 of his series Gorillaz in The Bay, check out the review here. Dekari is also another Street Lit King that’s signed to Lock Down Publications label, and is a highly respected and popular author in this genre, judging by his Facebook fan’s interaction with him.

Dekari really is lovely, I’ve kept in contact since we crossed paths randomly. I don’t wanna spoil his street credit as one of the Kings of Street Lit, so I won’t gush LOL or embarrass him. But, in all honesty he’s a nice person,  I’m so glad I met him. He  does a lot for youths and the community too as much as he can, it’s always a pleasure to say ‘hi’.  Do check him out. Here’s a book he’d like to share, all his work is free to read on Kindle Unlimited, and I believe a number of his books are in Walmart if you’re in the USA and like paperbacks. Currently at the time of writing this, Dekari has a shit-load of five star reviews on his work on Amazon. From conversations with Dekari he also would love to write  some romance and western novels soooooooo check out his pen!

Fun Facts About  Author Dekari

Star sign- Aquarius

Hobbies- Fishing!?

Hails from- West coast of the USA, California.

He has written an article for the June addition of Aspiring Authors Magazine LLC which i will share when published.

Dekari Book 1The war with Y.N.M. (Young Ni**a Mafia) nearly destroys the Neva Die Dragon Gang. VOORHEEZE is in a medically induced coma, and the rank and file of his organization is falling apart from within.

A new leader, DOK HOLLIDAY, who has come home after serving 20 years in prison, is given the reigns of the gang. But when CLARKOLA resurfaces, an internal war pits friends against friends, and brothers against brothers. Will Dok’s GORILLAZ IN THE BAY prove triumphant? Or will Clarkola and his Smack Mobb retire the old Legend for good?

Meanwhile, BATMAN is on a quest to prove Black Lives Matter by killing one cop at a time. S.A.C. ANDREATTA and her FBI team has been called in to lead the manhunt for the nation’s most dangerous fugitive. The race is on! Will the Feds be able to stop the cop slayings before others join the cause? Or will Batman teach them that Revenge Is Promised (R.I.P.)

Check out Author Dekari’s Amazon page here. If you do read a book and enjoy, please leave him a review. I’m sure he’d love it!

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