Book Review- ‘Jaded’ by M.J Kane (Women’s Fiction/Contemporary Romance) 5+ Outstanding stars!

Jaded What a blessing this author is to this genre. This is the second book I have read in the six book series. This one was  an outstanding read in my experience. I feel like M.J. Kane is an equivalent to Jodi Piccoult or Diane Chamberlain two of the best women’s fiction writers, and my favourites. with M. J Kane what she offers is diversity that the other two have not (historically) shown. But, the same story telling that really leaves you thinking when you close the book. Let’s get into the review.


A devastating breakup leaves Yasmine Phillips in shambles. Unable to trust another man with her heart, she focuses on the one thing she can control — starting her own business.

When her computer crashes, taking months of hard work with it, she must rely on a computer genius to save her. Zachariah Givens is the complete opposite of the men from her past, so she doesn’t expect the passion that ensues.

Just as she finds happiness, though, she learns the truth about the other woman in Zachariah’s life.


Kim’s Review 5+ Outstanding Stars

So, Jaded follows on from book one, which I reviewed here earlier this year and that was also a five star read for me too. I can’t sing this author’s praise enough, I feel like I have stumbled upon an author that is the answer to those who love as I said, Diane Chamberlain and Jodi Piccolt. Both best-selling and probably award winning women’s fiction authors, who have had their art  turned into movies! However, Kane is for those who love these authors, but wish to read more widely, as in not all characters are straight, white, and well not a minority. What Kane offers  are stories that are so real and true to life also, that many women and probably men can relate to, that bring on the tears and really make you think. I closed Jaded at 1.59 a.m. this morning with damp eyes, and thinking to myself ‘life really is too short, you need to let people know how you feel’. The ending of Jaded, made me pick up my phone then text someone very dear to my own heart. Here’s what I loved about book #2 inthe Butterfly Series.

Plot/storytelling- Firstly, it’s just so engaging, I’m not one for spoilers but we follow Yasmine’s story. She is one third of a group of women in the series, we met her in book #1 she was very hurt and left totally ‘jaded’ when it comes to love. Her path crosses with Zack, totally not her usual type, a bit of a geek, works with computers, but is adorable. Their love story unfolded for me in a series of beats and climaxes, some which left me very wet eyed. I seriously mean that. Kane has told the tale in the first person, from each character’s POV, so you’re really able to have all the ‘feels’ that each character has. The love story between the two is one of true love, soul mate connection, morals, loss, and what would you do if?, and even life and death. All this made outstanding reading for me. In addition, it  made me question what I’d do if faced with some of the realistic challenges Kane gave her characters.

There were twists, turns and unexpected events. I loved this so much! As it kept me really turning the pages. Overall, this is a true love story with heart-felt experiences, that anyone of us could experience.

Characters- I just loved them! They were all crafted and developed really well. Consistent with how they were in book #1, and I resonated with Yasmine a-hella-lot!! Being not far off from her age, and understanding her approach to certain things. I found the main guy Zack a total ‘book boyfriend’ *giggles*. I feel that Kane has a way with her men, she creates them so they are very desirable, but not because of money or status, because of who they are. Which makes them even more believable. I thought I liked the main guy in book #1 a lot, but I think Zack is my favourite. He is a true sweet heart, and I found him to be someone who really does deserve a happy ever after.

Writing style– this was a smooth and easy read for me, I loved that the story developed in chapters dedicated to each character. You hear from them all and I found it nice reading, and  very hard to want to stop. Kane has kept me up a few times until 2.00 a.m a sign of a great story teller!

Overall in all honesty, I feel like this is the kind of women’s fiction author that I can download a book, and not even read the blurb and know I’ll like it. I have only ever had that reader relationship and ‘super fan’ feeling with Jackie Collins, Diane Chamberlain, Jodi Piccoult, Gillian Flynn and Chimanda Nigozie Adeche ( I hope I spelled her name right). And now M.J Kane. I recommend those who love women’s fiction, contemporary romance, deep story lines, diverse characters and great ‘feels’ in their read from a character POV to try this series. With over 100 reviews on book #1 on Amazon, and forty odd on book #2 that says it all really! Five plus outstanding stars from me, I’m a fan.

I will see if Mrs. Kane will join us for an interview! And yes I have all the other books on my Kindle. Download yours here. Free to read on Kindle Unlimited at the time of this review.


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  1. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful review of Jaded! I am glad you were able to connect with Yasmine’s character in such a strong way! I am glad you are enjoying the series! I look forward to hearing about your next read!

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