February Release! Free Review Copies Up For Grabs #amreading

Happy new year all! Can you believe we’re eleven days in already? I’ve been busy, last year I mentioned that a small publisher approached me about joining their team in 2020. I took up the offer, the one book I’ve outlined for them I am writing, but they’re also releasing an anthology of short stories on the 28th February, some how I found the time to write one to include.  Free review copies up for grabs…

About the anthology…

What happens when a group of authors are given a writing prompt, by Author King Nikalos? An anthology of short stories by diverse authors! Free review copies are up for request for readers, in exchange for an honest review. Drop an email address on the link below for your free review copy, sent during the week of release.
Blinded By Love is an anthology of short stories by Solakin Publications’ authors. Each writer’s creative spin on the writing prompt “when love goes wrong”, gives readers a range of short stories across genres, and locations in the world from each author. Who are the authors? That’s the surprise, 😎 discover a new author and request your copy!

Blinded By Love.jpg

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