Help Me With A book Title?



Morning all,

So I am making real steady progress  on the Romance In Paradise next mini novella, before I go back to the romantic  crime thriller for National Novel Writing Month. That said, I dunno how I feel about the book’s title for this one.

What name grabs you the most? This is for a steamy, suspenseful romance in an exotic location story, I have decided to head to Puerto Rico with this one. Both characters are Spanish if you know me you’ll know the kinda book boyfriends I like (smiles)>>>>> men with purpose in life! So, he is of Afro-Puerto Rican descent, an entrepreneur think of him as someone who will belong in a ‘billionaire’s club’ I’ve not drummed up a swoon worthy man of such wealth yet and I feel like it for the next novella, he is not wealthy when they meet but he will be by the time I am done with him. She is Spanish and from Barcelona in Spain and also a career woman herself. The two will ultimately meet on the island.  Pick from either one, from four options. There’s a Facebook poll and one on the blog, I’ll see what option wins. Please vote! Or Send me back to the drawing board. Thanks!
1. From Puerto Rico With Love
2. The Spanish Encounter
3. Island Love
4. None of these titles Kim get back to the drawing board- quickly!

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